Essentials Notebook vs. Essential Notebook

I’d been hearing some reports that the Piccadilly Essentials notebooks might be showing up in Barnes & Noble stores. When searching on their website, I did find them listed:

Essential Notebook Black Medium Ruled

But I also found this: Essentials Black Small Blank Notebook by Peter Pauper Press.


At 105 x 148 mm, it sounds slightly bigger than the Piccadilly, but it sure looks like a similar style of notebook… and an almost identical name! Time for another trip to B&N to see if I can find these in stores…

4 thoughts on “Essentials Notebook vs. Essential Notebook”

  1. I have a bevy of Piccadilly Notebooks from B&N. They have completed replaced my Moleskines and I doubt I will go back. I use them liberally for my teaching journals, work great with fountain pens, and are quite durable. Oh, I forgot to add, cheaper than Moleskine,

  2. My B&N has had the Piccadilly Medium notebooks in teal and black for a while.

    But, I haven’t been able to find Piccadilly’s new colors anywhere. I’m trying to find their medium notebooks in coral, lavender, and mint. No one seems to sell the newer colors.

  3. I ordered a Piccadilly in medium online, and for some reason one of the corners is more angled than the others– and noticeably so as it was binded and glued together. Kind of a shame. But at least they seemed to have fixed their ‘too tight elastic’ problem. Other than the very skewed corner, I actually liked my newest Piccadilly.

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