Another Retro Style from Boorum & Pease

Here’s another simple notebook style from Boorum and Pease, and this one still seems to be available, at least in this size and format: Boorum & Pease Handy Size 7 x 4 3/8 Inch 96-Page Bound Memo Book with Stiff Tan Cover (6559)

Below is from a post by Andy at Woodclinched (a blog about wooden pencils) looking at his father-in-law’s old notebooks:

“My father-in-law built a boat. We all thought it was an improvised affair; with PVC pipes lashed to two-by-fours and duct tape. But he’s apparently been planning it for quite a while. In fact, he has a whole notebook where he planned it out and documented his project…”

Read more at Boorum & Pease | Woodclinched. Andy’s father-in-law also had a nice engineer’s field book by a company I’d never heard of, Keuffel and Esser. Andy also provides a link to this history of the Boorum and Pease company.

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  1. Keuffel and Esser was the manufacturer’s name on drafting instruments we used in high school … the logo was a stylized “K+E” … I believe they also made a lettering set for hand-lettering mechanical drawings (‘way before computers!)

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