Notebook Addict of the Week: Cynthia Morris

This week’s addict is the blogger at Original Impulse, where she offers “support and resources to help you love your creative life.” She was faced with a decision about what to do with all these filled notebooks!


“As I unpack and move into my new home, I am faced with a decision: do I put my journals on the shelves or boxed in the closet?

Hundreds and hundreds of pages, billions of words. For what?

Stacks and stacks of writing

These 100+ notebooks full of free writing and journaling certainly aren’t interesting to anyone. They aren’t publishable and they haven’t brought me any money.

But these notebooks full of my scribbles form the foundation of my writing career. Without the pages and pages of meandering writing, I wouldn’t have built the confidence to dare publishable pieces.”

Read more at How Writing for ‘Nothing’ Can Give You Everything – Original Impulse.

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