Limited Edition Luxury Notebooks by Inhedited

If you are looking to upgrade your notebook collection with something really high end, here’s something to check out:

“The Inhedited collection brings to the notebook market a limited selection of books claiming to be more than just that. Described as ‘a collectible object, a piece of craftsmanship, a travel and daily companion’, the new notebooks have been designed to respond to all of the user’s personal writing and travel needs….

A unique selling point with the collection is its guarantee that no two notebooks are the same. This certitude can be made due to a high-standard crafting process in which the notebook’s leathers were individually selected and the marbled papers specially hand-painted.”

The leather and marbled paper and gilt edges do look rather luscious. These are limited editions of only 260 notebooks in each style. The prices start at a jaw-dropping £258! Makes DesignY seem like a bargain!

Read more at : Inhedited’s hi-lux limited edition notebooks | Wallpaper* Magazine

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