Notebook Addict of the Week: Toby T.

I was appalled to find that this addict of the week submission seems to have been lost in my inbox for over a year! Toby emailed these photos and says:

I have loved notebooks all my life, but I’ve had a bit of a problem filling them,  a common problem as I’ve read on your blog, and even now sometimes I don’t. But save for a few small pages (And one where I filled like three pages and nothing else, still not sure what happened there) I’ve completed around twenty nine of these since I was around fifteen (Currently eighteen). I am a writer and blogger, I love books and movies and things And I write all about both in my notebook, which is my most prized possession. These aren’t all of them, I have many bigger ones, but these babies are my favorite.

I wasn’t familiar with the green Weathermax Notepads— they look like a good alternative to Rite in the Rain.

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Toby, and my apologies for being so disorganized with my emails!!

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