Gavin Snider’s Sketchbooks

Some lovely urban sketching, in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood and beyond. I will have to keep an eye out for this guy, as I’ve sketched from some of his spots myself!

Gavin Snider loves to draw, as you can see from the work he posts on Instagram and Twitter. Of local note: A series of drawings of buildings in the area, which he photographs held up in front of the buildings….

What do you draw with?
For my on-site drawings, I use a ballpoint pen, sharpie and Chartpak Ad markers in a hardbound sketchbook.

Why hold up the drawing in front of the scene rather than just post the drawing?
I think that it’s the best way to share that experience with others, rather than simply posting my interpretation of it.

Read more at: Tribeca Citizen | The Sketchbooks of Gavin Snider

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