Erik Hagerman’s Sketchbook

Ok, this recent article from the New York Times was kind of annoying: The Man Who Knew Too Little. If I’d read it online, I wouldn’t even have anything to say about it here. But because I still prefer to get a physical newspaper delivered to my doorstep every morning, I saw this photo, which for some reason isn’t among the many photos that accompany the online story:

The TL;DR: Erik Hagerman has decided to isolate himself from hearing any news about the world, politics, etc. He lives alone on a farm where he creates art. His sketchbook looks kinda cool.

One thought on “Erik Hagerman’s Sketchbook”

  1. While I found the piece in the Times about this fellow’s embargo intriguing it was the notebook (with Post-It tabs) which really caught my attention too. It is encouraging to find others whom upon media consumption of any kind notice notebooks, pens and paper!
    The fellow’s contrived media diet — one only borne of privilege — was less impressive in the end.

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