Choosing a Notebook for Journaling

The Daily Beast takes a look at some favorite notebook brands and how to use them, with links to some other interesting resources, such as an article from Forbes about how to keep a leadership journal.

Their top picks, all good ones:

Leuchtturm Dotted Journal

Maruman Mnemosyne Grid Notebooks

Midori MD Lined Notebook

Rite in the Rain Top-Opening Notebook

Muji Double Ring Blank Notebook

Read more at: Keeping A Journal Has Real Benefits, So Choosing The Right Notebook For You Is Important

4 thoughts on “Choosing a Notebook for Journaling”

  1. For journalers who use fountain pens I would recommend the Rhodia “webbie” or the Quo Vadis “Habana”.

  2. I use regular old Moleskine with my fountain pens. However, I only use the recto side of each leaf. This reduces the data density so I can find stuff more easily and it totally eliminates any bleed thru or ghosting. I buy my molies in bulk at clearance sales so I’m not really concerned with getting the most words packed into each volume.

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