Deal Alert: Oxford Signature Notebooks

I’ve bought a couple of Oxford notebooks on my European travels, as they are much more prevalent in shops over there. Someday I’ll do a full review, but my quick take on these is that they are nice-looking pocket notebooks that feel well-constructed and have great paper, the same Optik white paper used in Black n’ Red notebooks I’ve reviewed. (Details on Oxford’s website.)

I hadn’t come across these for sale in the US until now, but I just noticed two Amazon listings that could be a great deal:

Oxford 400045810 Oxford Signature Notebook A6 Portrait Notebook, 5 Pcs Colored Sorted Hard Protective Cover, Lined, 72 X Sheet 90 G/Mâ² Optics Paper 4 Colors Sorted: Pink, Fuschia, Purple, Red

Oxford 400045698 Oxford Signature Notebook A6 Portrait Notebook, 5 pcs, Coloured Sorted Hard Protective Cover, Lined, 72 x Sheet High Quality 90 G/M² Optics Paper Colours Sorted 4: Black, Brown, Blue, Gray

Based on the title saying “5 pcs,” both of these seem to be for 5-packs of A6 size Oxford Signature notebooks in assorted colors, with lined pages. The $57.79 price makes sense for a 5-pack, working out to $11 or so per notebook (including free shipping). You can probably get these for less at a shop in the UK or Europe but if you’re in the US, you might not be able to find them at all.

But the other listing is $19.13! If that price is really for a 5-pack, that is really a great deal at less than $4 per notebook (not counting shipping). There are other listings that seem to show prices of $20-30 for single A5 size notebooks, so it’s possible there is a typo somewhere. But I also noticed that the dimensions on both listings show measurements of 3.7 x 5.7 x 2.2 inches, which sounds like the right thickness for 5 notebooks, and a weight of 1.32 lbs, which also sounds appropriate for 5 notebooks.

I also discovered a listing for Oxford Office Essentials notebooks, which are slim, staple-bound notebooks that also have the Optik paper with 5mm grid lines, and the listing seems to be for a 10-pack for $28.30 plus shipping.

Oxford Notebook Essentials 100103545 10 9 x 14 cm Assorted Colours

I have not ordered these myself so I can not vouch for the accuracy of these listings. The prices cited are as of March 17, 2019, and could change at any time. Order at your own risk. But if anyone does order these, or has already, please let us know in the comments if you really did receive 5 notebooks!

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