Nolty 2023 Diaries Now Available

It’s that exciting season again, when next year’s planners are announced by Nolty. This year there are a few changes to their product line-up– a couple of discontinued versions of the diaries, and some new formats. Fans of B6 size planners will find some new products. There are also some new notebook/diary options where you can combine inserts into a cover.

I also noticed some new colors on the Nolty undated Daily Book that I don’t remember seeing before:

For me, the most exciting thing was the new international ordering process on the Nolty/JMAM website. It’s very easy to use, basically a built-in proxy service that pops up on each page as you are browsing. You can click the WorldShopping “add to cart” button and then check out with a credit card or PayPal. It is a two-step process: you are basically instructing WorldShopping to buy the product, which they then ship to their warehouse. At this point, you pay only for the product. You don’t know what the shipping cost will be, though they link to some tools that can help you estimate based on weight and size. (My shipping for two small notebooks ended up being around $34.00.) Once the product arrives at their warehouse, they send you a bill for the shipping and handling charges.

The good news is that the exchange rate between US dollars and the yen is pretty favorable right now. The shipping charge from Japan isn’t cheap, but I ordered just 2 Nolty 2023 diaries (my beloved Nolty Gold, and the Efficiency Notebook #1221, same as my Nolty 2022 purchases) and once I had paid for the product and shipping, I compared the price to what Kinokuniya was charging for these items. I saved over $10, since Kinokuniya really marks up the prices even though they offer free shipping for orders over $50. If I’d been buying a larger number of diaries, the World Shopping order from Japan would probably be even more advantageous. (And if you’re just buying one inexpensive diary, Kinokuniya might be a better deal, as the shipping from Japan may cost more than the diary itself.)

I’m excited for my Nolty 2023 diaries to arrive, even though they’re the same exact ones I’m using this year, and it will be months before I start using the 2023 models. I’ve gotten so addicted to these little planners, I’m just happy I know I can stick to my routine for another year!

6 thoughts on “Nolty 2023 Diaries Now Available”

  1. I could not find a Japanese to English way to translate, so, no clue what I’m even looking at for sure. HELP!

  2. It’s definitely tricky– I use the Google translate extension in Chrome, but even with that, there are still a lot of untranslateable graphics. But if you use translation and poke around, you will see measurements and some basic descriptions. It you already know which model numbers you like, that certainly helps!

  3. I really would love to try these planners. Thank you for the tips. Now I can stop stalking etsy:)

  4. Thanks so much for this helpful explanation! I attempted to purchase directly, but I had a hard time with the shipping. Is it possible to purchase all the items at once? For some reason, it wasn’t saving more than 1 item at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  5. Help! I cannot find the undated notebooks. I really one one or two of those, along with the Gold — but I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

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