Notebook Addict of the Week: John Rogers

I found this week’s notebook addict via a blog post by our previous addict, Warren Ellis.

He linked to this Twitter thread , where screenwriter John Rogers talks about methods for notebook-keeping, and shared the photo below:

It accompanies his first principle of notebook-keeping:

First, a dedicated notebook for every project. This notenbook is creative — questions, rebreaks, notes from the room that require in-depth consideration, etc. This is the creative/thinking space.

In addition to the project notebooks, he has a notebook where he tracks “EVERYTHING,” across all projects. His system seems to have elements of Bullet Journaling and GTD, but he’s added and changed things to come up with his own workflow for his own unique needs. He’s obviously given it a lot of thought, as he also has a notebook dedicated to ideas about his workflow! A notebook for ideas about notebooks… now why didn’t I think of that?!

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