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Robert Smith’s Notebooks

Robert Smith is a journalist who works on NPR’s Planet Money. I love this photo of his notebooks!

Here’s part of his story on how they ended up this way:

“I started to put photos on the front of my notebooks because I kept losing track of which one I was using. I would just pick up the closest pad, and the next thing I knew I had 7 different notebooks going. It was crazy. So I started to snip photos out of magazines and review copies of books, and glue them on the front.I guess I grew sort of fond of each notebook. You know, you carry them around all day and they become symbolic of certain stories. My hurricane Katrina notebook has a fire breathing monster on it. The notebook I used during a difficult week I spent as a host has a falling tree on it…”

Read more at » Here’s what NPR ‘Planet Money’ journalist Robert Smith does with his old notebooks JIMROMENESKO.COM. Photo by @ryankailath