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Moleskine Monday: Two-Go Notebook

Moleskine has introduced a new product that will answer a frequent question I’ve gotten from readers: “Where can I get a notebook with plain pages on one side and lined on the other?”

The new “Two-Go” notebooks are an in-between size, 4.5 x 6.9″, with cloth covers, similar to the Voyageur. (Moleskine’s Pocket notebooks are 3.5 x 5.5″, and Large are 5 x 8.25″.)

I wondered about the paper holding up to both art and regular writing, but it has 144 pages of 100 GSM paper so show-through and bleed-through may not be as bad as with the regular classic notebooks, which are only 70 GSM. That said, it’s not up to the standard of the 120 GSM paper in the “sketch albums” or the 165 GSM paper in the hardcover sketchbooks.

Source: Two-Go Notebook – Moleskine ®



Paperiaarre Gilt Notebooks

Beautifully bound journals with metallic gold decoration on cloth covers– these seem a bit glam yet very simple at the same time. Handcrafted by Paperiaarre in Finland.

Via Minimalist Gilt Notebooks @ Lushlee.

Notebook Addict of the Year: Carmen

You might think April is a little early to be declaring a Notebook Addict of the Year. Well, I’m ashamed to say I have been trying to get this post ready for months, so it really should have gone up last year. But I’m not sure it even matters what year it is, because Carmen has to win the prize for notebook addict of the decade, or century!

You know how they say if you really love something, you let it go? That’s how much this notebook addict loves notebooks. She found all these fabulous items while traveling in France and Germany, and she sent them to me, to share with all the rest of you notebook fans. There are so many, I won’t even attempt full reviews of all, but there are plenty of photos below, and you can see larger versions of them on Flickr.


My favorite was the notebook below, from Rationella. I’d seen the brand mentioned online and was very excited to try one– it’s a Swedish brand, though this example was purchased in Germany. It’s got a clothbound cover that makes it similar to the HandBook Journal (shown here in blue), but it’s slightly smaller and thinner, and includes a pen loop. Rationella’s website says their products are produced according to “old bookbinding traditions,” and that comes through in this notebook– it just seems like a really nice, tight, good quality product.


Below is a German notebook, this one slightly taller than the usual pocket Moleskine size, shown next to it for comparison. It’s got deep notches that keep the elastic in place. The colored page edges are a neat touch. Here again, there’s also a pen loop on the edge.


This next one is pretty cool– like some of the notebooks sold by Levenger, it has pages that can be detached and then reinserted, keeping the slim format of a spiral notebook without the bulk added by the usual looseleaf rings of most refillable notebooks.


An attractive black and red journal:


This Le Zippe notebook is another one of my favorites. It can double as a wallet. I just love how different it is from anything else I’ve ever used– funky coloring and materials, and really practical features. I’m not sure how the plastic would hold up to being stuffed with a lot of cards and papers and money, but it would be worth a try!


The slipcased notebook below is interesting– it comes with its own pencil, but it’s a bit awkward to have to take out the notebook and then shake the pencil loose from deep within the slipcase.


This one reminds me of the Xonex notebooks you see in some shops in the USA. It’s a little taller and wider than a pocket Moleskine.


I didn’t realize TeNeues made any journals like this– they have other small notebooks that I’ve seen, as well as calendars and art books– this large notebook resembles a Moleskine, but with an embossed cover and silver page edges. Very snazzy.


Another German notebook, with two ribbon markers.


A slim exercise book, with a little cut-out in the cover


A basic lined notebook from Muji


Another thin exercise book:


A hardcover journal:


The whole pile again:


Whew, that is a lot of notebooks! I’m sure you can imagine how it felt to open a box filled with all these fabulous goodies. A HUGE thank you once again to Carmen– you are truly a notebook queen!

Petit Voyage European Bookcloth Diary

These look like rather nice journals, available at Jenni Bick:

Petit Voyage European Bookcloth Diary

They come in several other gorgeous colors.