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Notebook Review: The Kokuyo Sketch Book

The Kokuyo Sketch Book is a Japanese classic with a cult following. In Japan, this style of notebook is known as Sokuryo Yacho: Sokuryo Yacho = surveying field book, Literally Means A “Surveying Field Notebook.” It’S Often Simply Called “Yacho” By Our Loyal Users. You could compare it to the government issue Memorandum notebooks used by … Continue reading Notebook Review: The Kokuyo Sketch Book

Moleskine Monday: David Fullarton

David Fullarton is one of my favorite notebook artists. He usually works in engineer’s notebooks, but now he’s given Moleskine a whirl: I was never a big fan of Moleskine notebooks. They always seemed so damn precious and overpriced with their pretentious history printed inside and that fancy-dan knicker elastic to keep your place. But someone … Continue reading Moleskine Monday: David Fullarton