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Nomad Notebooks: Kickstarter Ending Soon!

Here’s a cool Kickstarter project that is ending on October 13, 2017: Nomad Notebooks. They still need about $9k to make their goal (as of this writing) and I hope they make it! The project involves the tried and true formula of 3-packs of pocket notebooks, but with a couple of twists: the notebooks are made of a mixture of papers, with different themes for each pack. They started out using repurposed papers, and will be launching 3-packs with a Sea/Air/Space theme, Graph paper theme, and Planner theme.


nomad repurposed

nomad sea


nomad air


nomad space


nomad graph


nomad planner

The other twist is that they have angled corners– that part isn’t really a positive for me, but it does mean they’ll be easier to slide into leather covers, which are also part of the Kickstarter.

nomad 3 setnomad leather cover


Full campaign info here:



The Captains Log Kickstarter, Ending Soon!

I lost track of the news about this Kickstarter project in my email inbox, but it’s ending very soon, at Thu, July 20 2017 8:26 AM EDT. They only need about $1500 more in pledges as of this writing. It looks like a cool concept and a quality execution, with formatted pages that provide inspiration and structure for outlining your goals, helping to break down the tasks to get you there, and tracking your progress. The design has a classic look– from the photo below, I first thought the colors were blue and red, but they are brown and black. I love the anchor logo!

You can see more details at the Captain’s Log Kickstarter page.


Panobook Notebook

Here’s an unusual notebook format: 160 mm x 288 mm, 100 pages, dot grid– meant to fit in front of your computer keyboard. Of course you can also rotate it so the wire-o binding is at the top. I like the idea that it will lie flat on your desk, but as the illustration shows, there may be a tendency not to write across the whole width– it’s being used in two columns, more like having a smaller notebook opened to a page spread. Either way, this is something I could see myself using in my office. And here’s a nice touch– each notebook comes with a slipcase on which you can write the date/subject.

This is a Kickstarter project that has already far exceeded its funding goal. The minimum pledge to get a notebook is $20.

Via: Panobook Notebook — ACCESSORIES — Better Living Through Design




FLIPCLIP Kickstarter

Here’s another Kickstarter from the maker of the Penroll, which I reviewed a while back. The Flipclip also allows you to keep pens and pencils tidily attached to your notebook, in a clever hinged clip that opens so your notebook can still lie flat on a desk. Check it out soon, as the Kickstarter deadline for funding is Nov. 21, 2016.

The Composition Book Reimagined: “comp”

You may remember Michael Bierut’s stack of composition books that he’s used for many years– one of my favorite notebook stories ever.

Now, Aron Fay, a colleague of Bierut’s at Pentagram, has a Kickstarter project going for an upscale, redesigned version of the composition book, using higher end materials and construction. While part of me thinks the original composition book is a classic that shouldn’t be messed with, I have to say “comp” sounds really nice! Lined and unlined versions will be available, with 120 gsm paper.

Check out the Kickstarter page here. It’s worth it just for the gallery of composition books throughout history!


Weathered Notebooks

Another cool Kickstarter project– notebooks made from wood and leather. Available for preorder here.

Appointed Notebooks

I’ve been spotting these Appointed notebooks in a few Brooklyn boutiques. Appointed is a brand of American-made notebooks and desktop products, which originally started as a Kickstarter project. I haven’t tried their notebooks yet, but they are certainly nice to look at. They come in blank, lined, and grid versions, with perforated pages and a waterproof bookcloth cover.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 6.07.11 PM

Mixiw Notebooks

Here’s a recent successful Kickstarter project, the Mixiw notebook. I’m not sure how to pronounce Mixiw– mixee? mix-ew? Anyway, it looks like a nice concept– a variety of inserts will be available and you can mix and match them in the cover, and archive them in a binder when you’re done.

The binding system looks somewhat similar to the X47 brand of notebooks from Germany, with an elasticized pair of hooks that grip the inserts at top and bottom of the spine, rather than the insert being tucked into a full elastic loop as in the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.


The project has been fully funded and an online store should be coming soon. Find out more at: Mixiw Notebooks | A new notebook concept

New and Improved Penroll!

Remember the Penroll? I reviewed it a while back:


The Penroll is part notebook cover, but mainly a holder for pens, pencils or brushes, and an eraser. It is made of sturdy stitched canvas, with small metal clips at the sides that clasp onto your notebook. The design is very simple and un-fussy, with just a subtle tag with the Penroll name on it, and it doesn’t interfere with or damage the notebook– you can still use the elastic closure and back pocket.


Now a new and improved version is in the works, via a Kickstarter campaign. The next iteration incorporates some interesting and practical new features, such as being able to open up the penroll and lay it flat without totally detaching it from the notebook.

The campaign ends Dec. 20, 2015, so check it out ASAP!

Rekonnect Magnetic Notebook

I love this notebook idea but it makes me mad! Why does it make me mad? Because I had a version of this idea myself but I wasn’t savvy enough to figure out how to put it on Kickstarter and raise over $175,000 to make it happen!

I think many of us notebook lovers have the dilemma about whether to use bound notebooks with fixed pages, vs. refillable binders. Bound notebooks are sturdy and secure, the pages stay in, and you don’t have to worry about a binding system interfering with your use of the paper– no punched holes or notches for rings. But refillable binders allow you to rearrange pages, add pages, and remove pages. So it had occurred to me that some kind of paper with a magnetic edge and a cover with a magnetic spine could solve both problems… but the Rekonnect inventors beat me to it!

Check out their video– I love the way the pages can slide along the spine, and seem to jump right into place when they are inserted. I don’t totally love the extra width added by the metal cylinder in the spine, but I guess that is needed to give the pages enough room to stay attached and still lie flat when opened.

There are still a few days to join the Kickstarter campaign before it ends on Sunday Dec. 13, 2015.

See more details on Kickstarter. I hope it becomes a huge success so I can congratulate myself on what a genius I almost was!