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J. M. W. Turner Sketchbooks

There’s an interesting exhibition of Turner’s watercolors at the Mystic Seaport Museum in CT. Of course, browsing in the museum shop is always half the fun, and I had a chance to flip through a book of Turner Sketchbooks: Buy at Amazon Here’s my favorite page: There were no intact Turner sketchbooks exhibited at the … Continue reading J. M. W. Turner Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks from Paris Breakfasts

A delightful post about sketchbooks by Carol Gillott, featuring her own watercolor sketches, handmade sketchbooks, and some photos of sketchbooks done by famous artists. Below are Carol’s: “Any artist worth their salt earns their bones filling a gazillion sketchbooks with doodles” “I made these when I was in my bookbinding phase.” Read more (and more … Continue reading Sketchbooks from Paris Breakfasts