Memorandum Book Made by Northern Central Co., Milwaukee

Another notebook that was probably manufactured in the late 1970s to early 1980s: a slim lined memorandum book by the Northern Central Co. of Milwaukee. The cover has a textured fake-leather look, but it’s just glossy card stock, stamped in gold foil. Dig that cool logo on the front! I didn’t use very many pages […]

Kikkerland WritersBlok Notebooks Now Available

I’ve been wanting to check these out for a while, and it seems they are finally more widely available. I picked up a set of 3 small dotted notebooks at Paper Presentation on West 18th St. in NYC. They also had the large size, and ruled and plain paper versions in both sizes. I’ve read […]

What’s Your System?

Do you have a “system” for using a notebook? A lot of people talk about using notebooks for GTD– the method of organizing tasks promoted by David Allen’s best-selling productivity book Getting Things Done. I’ve had a few different methods of tracking tasks in notebooks and on a computer and PDA, but here’s my current […]

A Chinese Diary, 1980

When I was about 8 years old, I went with my grandmother once to the office where she’d worked. One of her friends there took a liking to me, and for several years afterwards, we kept in touch through short cards and letters. A few years ago, the friend, whose name was Lucy, returned some […]

Paper King Memo Book, late 1970s or early 1980s

Here’s a gem from the late ’70s/early ’80s. I love the simple cover design with the 25 cent price at the bottom. I wonder what ever happened to the Eastern Tablet company of Albany, NY. When you google it, not much comes up other than the obituaries of people who worked there at one time. […]

Notebooks at Work

I’ve been thinking a lot about how people use notebooks at work. Yesterday’s post showed a few of Obama’s staff with notebooks among the tools of their trade. Certain professions use notebooks as a matter of course: reporters, for one. If you look at the Alwych website, they describe their notebooks as being used by […]

Obama’s People’s Notebooks

In yesterday’s New York Times Magazine, there was a photo essay called “Obama’s People,” with portraits of the President-elect’s various cabinet members and staff. I couldn’t help noticing that a few of them were photographed with their notebooks! Here’s Eugene Kang, 24, Special Assistant to the President. His notebook is the highlight of the photo! […]

HandBook vs. Moleskine

I did my own comparison of a few sketchbooks including the HandBook and Moleskine. I use both brands regularly and like them both very much, for different reasons. But here’s a review from someone who HATES the HandBook! I’d had some issues with coloring the pages, since they don’t lie as flat as the Moleskine […]

Mike Singletary On Using Notebooks

I love finding articles where people from all walks of life talk about using notebooks. It’s way too easy to find writers talking about using notebooks– that gets really boring after a while, so I was happy to come across this article, an interview with Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA, […]

Are Notebooks Green?

The Recording Thoughts blog asks “Are Fountain Pens Green?” This made me think about whether or not notebooks are green. There are plenty of notebooks out there made of recycled paper, which helps, but otherwise, those of us who consume a lot of notebooks are also killing a few trees. A Filofax-type notebook might be […]