Courtney Wotherspoon’s Sketchbook

I always enjoy the Sketchbook Sneak Peek series at Design Sponge. Here’s one from a while back, featuring Courtney Wotherspoon. What are your go-to sketch book supplies? Are there any brands or media that you’re particularly drawn to? Pens, Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro, always black. Sometimes a blue ballpoint pen sneaks in if I can’t find […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Russell Stutler

Based on the photo below and the website where I found it, Russell Stutler is definitely a sketchbook addict.   His website is a great resource for anyone who is interested in sketching on the go– there are articles on tools like waterbrushes and assorted sketchbook brands, and tips on how to use them in […]


As for the other kind of Black Friday, if you can’t handle visiting stores today, do your holiday shopping online using these links and a small commission from your purchases will help support this site: Notebook Stories Store — my collection of notebooks and other favorites available via Amazon Amazon — everything else at Amazon […]

Four Notebooks Reviewed Part 3: Moleskine, HandBook, Derwent and Pen & Ink

After looking at various attributes of the Moleskine, HandBook, Derwent, and Pen & Ink sketchbooks (see Part 1 and Part 2 of this review), let’s sum up a few key points about these 4 very similar notebooks. Moleskine: Made in China 80 pages Price: $10-15, depending on retailer Where to Buy: Amazon and all major […]

Four Notebooks Reviewed Part 2

In the first part of this review, I discussed the outward appearance of four similar pocket sketchbooks, the Moleskine, the Pen & Ink Journal, the HandBook, and the Derwent Journal. Now I’ll look at the insides. Rather than bore you with repeated photos of almost identical things, I’ll just point out a few details that […]

Four Notebooks Reviewed Part 1: Moleskine, HandBook, Derwent, Pen & Ink

The notebooks I use most frequently are hard cover pocket sketchbooks, with heavy unlined paper that is suitable for various kinds of ink, pencil, and watercolor paints. I like to doodle and draw sometimes, so this type of notebook works well for me even though I also tend to use them for keeping a journal. […]