Guitar Dad Loves Jotting Things Down

Check out the blog Guitar Dad for a nice appreciation of writing things down in notebooks:

Maybe it’s a carryover from my reporter days, but I constantly find myself reaching for a notebook. A lot of my jottings are mundane details that simply connect the dots in my everyday life: driving directions, lists, reminders of the things I need to do for my wife or children, restaurant recommendations from friends.

Other times my notes are more inspired, more a reflection of what I find important and remarkable. Someone will say something clever or particularly perceptive and I’ll scribble it down. An extraordinary sentence, phrase or quote will jump off the page of a book or magazine, and I’ll capture it for some future use. I’ll hear a cool song on the radio and make note of its title, with plans to figure out how to play it on guitar. Or an idea for a blog post will pop into my head and I’ll sketch out a beginning, middle and end.

I love hearing how other people use their notebooks. Read more here.

One thought on “Guitar Dad Loves Jotting Things Down”

  1. I have searched tirelessly for the notebook Im using now. Like you, its more a connect the dots with details approach. I just feel like if you can record and file all the specifics, youre probably ahead of the the other guy who writes it on a napkin and loses it.
    I had my notebook custom made after years and stacks of old notebooks that came close. Now I got the leather case and custom inserts. Its perfect.

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