Notebooks for Martial Arts

Here’s a use for notebooks I hadn’t considered: documenting martial arts information.  On the Martial Arts Planet forums, Shadowfax asks:

How many of you keep a journal or notebook about your art(s)?

I’ve been keeping a journal with diagrams showing various forms, especial fine details, notes from seminars, thoughts about sparing matches, and so on.

I’ve found that being able to review all of this information away from the school floor is really helpful not only in improving but in understanding the purpose of various aspects of my art.

Is this unusual?

My notebook(s) tend to sit in my equipment bags, and I’ve been seen perusing them or writing in them during breaks between classes and I’ve been getting some crap for it as of late. Not that this bothers me so much – I have these folks respect on the floor — it is just good natured ribbing. But it has caused me to wonder how unusual this habit might be.

I’m sure there’s someone else out there using a notebook for this purpose… anyone?

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  1. It’s not exactly the same, but I keep a dance journal, with notes from classes and workshops, plans for classes I teach, choreographies, music and costuming ideas…

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