Notebook Addict of the Week: Jack Haas

Here’s someone who is a notebook addict and a bit of a philosopher too, it seems. Many of the notebooks seem to be the red and black ones made in China and sold in stores such as Pearl River Mart in NYC. I have one in my collection that was bought in Boston’s Chinatown many years ago.
jack haas notebooks

You can read various excerpts from these notebooks at the author’s website: Unpublished writings from the notebooks 1990-2005. Here’s one example, called “Celibacy, sex, mysticism, and spiritual liberation:”

Celibacy applies not to the sexual act, but to the relinquished desire for specific, tangible actions, or understandings. We audaciously assume to vindicate ourselves by marrying plausibility. Though really we are the infidels of isness, lusting after after manifestation’s maidens… specificity.

Hmm… I guess I will stick to notebook commentary rather than literary analysis! But it’s a nice collection of notebooks.

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