Little Blue Notebook? International Herald Tribune Diary.

I spotted this ad on the New York Times home page and got all excited– yes, this is how big a geek I am, that a mere image like this makes me say “ooh, ooh, what’s that little blue notebook?!?!”

IHT diary ad

But it turned out not to be all that exciting after all. The ad was for an International Herald Tribune Diary, one of those typical blue paged, leather covered ones– though the pocket version is a nice size: 3 1/8 x 5 1/8″.

I was even less excited when I discovered that it costs $69.95 with delivery outside Europe!

The New York Times Store > The International Herald Tribune 2010 Pocket Diary.

3 thoughts on “Little Blue Notebook? International Herald Tribune Diary.”

  1. How is that humanly possible? While USPS might not strike every 10 secs, at least Royal Mail charge a human amount of money to post things!

  2. I would strongly recommend everybody NOT to order the IHT pocket diary when you are living in Europe – the service, based in the UK, is extremely unreliable, very unfriendly (usually not responding at all) and typically delivers to wrong adresses. I am ordering the diary since years from these people, and I decided for sure that 2012 is the last time. Never again dealing with such a lousy service!!!!!

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