Notebook Addict of the Week: Millie

This week’s Addict is another reader who submitted a photo of her collection, as well as these thoughts:

Some of these notebooks have been used, some of them are waiting for a
use to present itself, and some of them I bought simply to look
pretty. I don’t consider myself a notebook connoisseur, and quite a
few of the notebooks in the photo were very cheap (or free, thanks to
my high school – I think they probably lock stationery cupboards there
now!). Although I’m now getting more interested in paper quality and
bindings, my primary reason for buying a notebook is the thrill you
get when you buy a new one, and have a whole book of blank pages
waiting for you. What will you fill it with? The possibilities at
that moment are endless (even if you know deep down you’re just going
to take it to work and use it to jot down phone messages, write lists,
etc.,). As you can see, I mostly like A5-sized notebooks.

millie notebooks

She also confesses to being a notebook-blog addict! She’s currently following 19 notebook related blogs! I’m glad I’m one of them, so thank you to Millie for reading, and for sharing your addiction!

2 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Millie”

  1. Thank you very much for featuring me, Nifty! I was very excited when I logged in to my RSS feed just now and saw my name!

    Since I sent you that photo, I’ve bought 3 Archie Grand notebooks (they were featured on this blog, and I had such excellent customer service from them).

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