Postalco Jotter

I like the looks of this notepad:

It’s made by a Japanese company called Postalco, comes in blue and a lovely shade of green and measures 4 3/10″ x 5 4/5″. It’s sold, strangely enough, by J. Crew, for the not very reasonable price of $18.50.

Via Postalco Jotter | Cool Material.

5 thoughts on “Postalco Jotter”

  1. Correction: This site seems to no longer offer the larger, side opening version. But they do have a larger size top bound version in addition to the pocket size.

  2. Does someone want to explain why side opening notebooks are so popular? Ive always used fliptop books because theyre the only tool I can use if there is no table around. While using a top opener is every bit as easy to use on a flat surface as a side opener.

    I finally even broke down and had a custom flip top leather cover made and the inserts to fill it. It is one of my best investments. I can write quickly, regardless of whether Ive got a flat surface. My book also has a right handed penloop and note pocket.

    When Im done with the 68 page insert, I run through it, put references to important info on the cover, give a date range, and throw it in the box. It also looks super sharp, and I designed it to slip into jeans or an inside pocket. For me, its quite perfect.

  3. I wish I could answer you myself, Chuck. A side opening notebook is excellent if you have a surface to write on. However, if you don’t, a flip top notebook works best for me as well. I even have gone so far as to pre-punch holes in the side of the sheets so that I can add them to my planner when they’re used, and taped an additional piece of cardboard to the back for rigidity and for holding business cards and a pencil. (I know, it’s a strange system, but it works for me.)

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