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Postalco Alexander Calder Notebooks

These Postalco notebooks (and other accessories) look nice but are pretty pricey! The two notebooks below are each $50 or more.


“Alexander Calder may be best known for his kinetic mobiles, but the sculptor himself was also in constant motion. His oeuvre suggests an attention that shifted effortlessly across art and objects — from elaborate stage sets to jewelry worn by intellectual icons such as Simone de Beauvoir and Georgia O’Keeffe. Now, a capsule collection by the Tokyo-based stationer Postalco highlights the artist’s graphic work, in the form of embossed travel wallets and a spiral notebook punctuated by Calder’s own sketches and jottings.”

These are supposed to be available at the Cooper Hewitt museum shop, though I couldn’t find them listed online. They do have a lot of other nice notebooks, though!

via Postalco Launches Accessories Bearing the Art of Alexander Calder.

From the Readers

Some more tips and questions from our mailbox:

Christa’s hand-drawn Moleskines celebrating San Francisco, made to order with your name included in the design:


Paul spotted the RoadPro brand of notebooks at a truckstop in Ohio. I’ve seen these at truckstops too, and also wondered why there would be a brand of notebooks exclusive to truckstops!


Ana sent a link to Confetti, a brand of Brazilian notebooks:


Sarafina is looking for something just like the Rubberband journal below but with lines (and no expensive shipping). The closest things I’ve seen would be the larger sizes of Moleskine softcover notebooks, or perhaps Zequenz, but those just have basic white paper, not bright colored. Anyone else have any suggestions?


Steve also needs help:

I’m looking for my ideal 8.5″ x 5.5″, lay-flat, fold-back notebook. I believe this will have to be some type of (no-snag) spiral binding. I prefer that the pages be perforated(not essential) in squared, blank or very narrow lines.
My goal is to have an 8.5 x 5.5 pad laying to the side of my computer or other material I might be working on. It’s almost like a side-bound stenographer’s notebook with a spiral that won’t snag on everything.

Some Postalco notebooks have a semi-covered spiral that can be folded back completely, and they come in that size (or close to it), with squared paper, and I think they may be perforated. They’re not cheap or easy to find in stores, though.


And Robert shares a cool notebook link:

I’m a fan of Notebook Stories, just saw this and think its right up your alley.
Its from a TV show called Breaking Bad, on AMC. The link below is to a
police ‘case file’, and one of the tabs is to a “Lab Notebook” that
one of the characters used. Its really interesting and has a mix of
chemical formulae and procedures, along with recipes and quotes, its
actually a great example of a notebook. One of the first notes from
the notebook author is “There is so much going on — if i don’t write
this all down in a systematic way I will be completely screwed….”.
You can zoom in and flip through the canary yellow pages of the
notebook, its really interesting. Here’s the link:

As always, thanks to everyone who sends me these interesting tips, and thanks in advance to anyone who can help readers find the notebook of their dreams!

Postalco Jotter

I like the looks of this notepad:

It’s made by a Japanese company called Postalco, comes in blue and a lovely shade of green and measures 4 3/10″ x 5 4/5″. It’s sold, strangely enough, by J. Crew, for the not very reasonable price of $18.50.

Via Postalco Jotter | Cool Material.