Notebook Addict of the Year: Carmen (Again)

Remember this Notebook Addict post about Carmen, who sent me a fabulous selection of European notebooks? I named her Notebook Addict of the Year back in April, a noble distinction that must now be reaffirmed based on this photo of her collection:

Here’s what Carmen has to say about that gorgeous tower:

Here is my collection as of [August 2010]. Last count 156, from the biggest- a Whiteline- to the smallest, a Rhodia. and no, they are not used at all. they are a collection… Every now and then someone asks for a notebook for a specific task, and I look and give it to them if I have it. The plan is for my niece to start inheriting them one by one when she learns to write this year… I have from your basic Composition notebook, to Exaclairs, Clairefontaines, Moleskines, Field Notes, Doane Paper, Miquelrius, Picadilly, etc, the latest addition are the notebooks that my sister recently brought me from her trip to China, that are absolutely gorgeous.

The variety! The colors! The perfectly graduated tower! And even I don’t have 156 unused notebooks!! (At least I’m pretty sure I don’t…) But I feel that this photo has given me permission to feel less guilty about the stockpile I do have!

Big thanks again to Carmen for sharing her love of notebooks– with me, with her niece, with other recipients of her notebook (and pen) gifts, and with everyone who reads this website!

5 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Year: Carmen (Again)”

  1. this is great! I have to say it makes me feel way way less guilty on my small pile of 25 or so that are unused..It’s actually really comforting to know that i am not the only one with a big obsession about having new ones on hand!

  2. happy to make you all feel better… it has taken time and patience to reach this amount of notebooks- on my defense, they are usually not displayed, much less in a tower. that was done for the photo, as they are normally stuck in piles in my closet. i get mixed reactions- from a mix surprise from little girls that are happy to “shop” in my “store” to “you gotta be kidding/crazy” from adults. but as the pen addict would say, there are worst addictions, no?

  3. wow, great collection! but i still wonder – what is that thic one – smaller size, black with white/red mark on it?
    i’m looking for such a thick notebook for years, i would really love to know!

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