New Homes

… for me and my notebooks! I’ve been posting a little less frequently lately because I’ve been very busy preparing for a move to a new home. My notebooks, of course, are all coming with me, and I’ve been trying to organize them better in the process. For years, I’ve stored them all in shoeboxes, some of which were starting to break down a bit, so I decided to try using larger under-bed plastic boxes. Here’s one of them:

I also got a larger wheeled box for bigger sketchbooks. I’m not sure I’ll stick with this approach– for one thing, all these plastic boxes have angled sides, so they aren’t as efficient as I’d like for storing notebooks. A larger box like this also gets really heavy when it’s stuffed with notebooks! I am always saving shoeboxes so I may end up transferring some notebooks back into newer, sturdier ones, we’ll see… My old apartment had more closet shelves where I could store all my boxes of notebooks, but in my new space, I have to spread them around a bit more– some in a cabinet, some on a shelf, and some under the bed.

Where do you store your notebooks?

6 thoughts on “New Homes”

  1. I keep mine in plastic storage bins. I have a filled container that is sealed with duct tape in my garage. The unused journal container is in my bedroom.

  2. I keep mine in suit cases and boxes, in closets and various shelves. The most recent ones (from the past 3 years) I keep nearby, so I can always look through them.
    I wonder how many people hide their notebooks, and how many keep them on display?

    That’s quite a collection you have by the way!

  3. I think you should nominate yourself as notebook addict of the week!

    I keep my used one in a couple of boxes and the unused ones… well they tend to migrate all over the place so when I need a new one, I tend to just go out and buy one. I really need to organize myself.

  4. Mine are in an old shipping box in my craft cubby (most of them are quite small so they all fit). I used to have them put up away in the closet but I kept dragging them out every few weeks to try to find things i knew I had written down… So now i keep them accessible. I wish i had enough shelf space to line them all up neatly.. but my shelves are already overflowing with books >.>

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