Notebooks at BookMarc

BookMarc is the Marc Jacobs bookstore on Bleecker St. in NYC. They have a cool selection of old and new books, and some rather nice notebooks:

The notebooks are all lined inside, seem to be of pretty good quality, and say they are made by Chameleon Like, Inc. On the company’s website, they offer a variety of journals that can be custom embossed and imprinted, including these. The small notebooks seem to wholesale for about $6.05 for quantities of 5000 and up, so the $15 that BookMarc is charging is about the markup you’d expect, maybe a bit on the high end. The wholesale cost usually includes a 4-color belly band, so maybe they actually paid less. Chameleon Like’s minimum quantity for these seems to be 100, at $9.85 each. Worth considering if you are looking for a nice promotional notebook.

2 thoughts on “Notebooks at BookMarc”

  1. Love them all, especially the first set from Willard Dominick. Notice the date — 1941 — clearly he went to school when penmanship was still taught!

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