Wooden Case For Field Notes Notebooks

Now here’s a perfect holiday gift for a notebook addict, at least if they like Field Notes or similarly sized notebooks:


I’ve always thought it would be nice to have some custom-made, perfectly-sized notebook storage. This box adds a nice extra: tabs that you can use to organize your various Field Notes volumes. Pretty cool!

Read more at Gorgeous ‘Archival’ Wooden Case For Field Notes Notebooks | Cult of Mac.

One thought on “Wooden Case For Field Notes Notebooks”

  1. I thought it was a neat idea myself. Interestingly, the box happens to look very similar to the boxes readily available at my local tobacconist. I have refitted dozens of them for pens, playing cards, poker chips, and all sorts ephemera. The only difference I can discern is the company logo. A bit of slick marketing, perhaps? Not to disparage Field Notes, which I love – it just strikes me that the archival box is not different enough from its tobacco bretheren to justify the price difference.

    Plus, some cigar humidifiers and pen cases look very similar . . .

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