Notebook Addict of the Week: Mattias Adolfsson

This week’s addict is something of a celebrity: I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing artwork of Mattias Adolfsson— he does incredibly detailed whimsical drawings in Moleskines in a very recognizable style. He’s been featured frequently on various blogs and in books about illustration, sketchbooks and Moleskines. But what I’ve never seen before is his actual collection of sketchbooks– check out this pile! From the abundance of his work I’ve seen online, I’ll bet he has filled many more. It’s funny, from seeing his scanned notebook pages, I’d for some reason assumed he only used pocket sized Moleskines, but from the photo below, it looks like he uses the large ones much more:


Check out this Doodlers Anonymous post for more images of his drawings: Blog: Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail – Doodlers Anonymous.

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