Notebook Addict of the Week: Julie

Julie emailed me a link to a blog post she wrote about how she’s always been a collector of one thing or another, but usually those collections are just passing fancies. However, she notes, “notebooks are a different story.”

I love notebooks. Not only are they useful but they are so pretty too. They combine their usefulness with design that often speaks to or reflects my other interests. So I buy them, I seek them out, I hoard them, I treasure them. I’m not a good writer and I’m not a consistent writer. I have started a journal about a 100 times and I always forget about it or ignore it. But every time I want to start anew I have a shiny new notebook ready….So here’s a pretty good sample of my unused notebooks, those still waiting for a purpose. A few I have tried briefly and set aside for another day, when I can make a more serious commitment to them or when I find a use for them that matches their beauty.

Read the full post here and see more of her notebook photos here.

Fabulous collection with lots of variety (I spy Moleskine, Field Notes, Rite in the Rain, a Wild & Wolf Qwerty, and Zequenz, among others), and I like the skateboard backdrop too! Thanks for sharing your addiction Julie!

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