Moleskine Monday: Exclusive at Target?

A reader named Jessie wrote to ask me about an interesting Moleskine she’d bought at Target a couple of months ago:

So I was perusing Target over the weekend and found an unusual Moleskine design that I hadn’t seen anywhere before. So I bought it. It’s a hard cover pocket size ruled notebook WITH a ruled cover. What?!… you may be asking. I’ve attached a picture to describe what I’m taking about. It was too cute not to buy. So my question is, have you seen this model before? I’ve tried looking online at the Moleskine website and a few others, tries scanning the QR code, scanning the UPC code, and to no avail have come up with nothing. The issue is that I was hoping to find this exact one in the large size. I’ve been to about 3 different Targets and can only seem to find the pocket size.
So… if you have any more information on this particular model notebook I would be very appreciative.

moleskine at target with ruled cover

I know Moleskine sometimes does exclusives with particular retailers, and I think they had some at Target a year or two ago. But this is the first time I’ve seen this particular design, and I’m not sure why they wouldn’t also sell it online. Too bad, it’s a cute concept! I’d like to see the squared version, if there is one. Has anyone else seen these notebooks at Target, or elsewhere?

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  1. Target had 3 or 4 exclusive Moleskine designs. They were available in pocket and large sizes. They came out in 2011.

  2. I’ve seen these in Target, also with a flower print and a pattern with Pac Man. It was tempting to buy a blank one, but I know I would have disliked the yellowed paper and the smoothness of it. I also can’t get used to the elongated shape of these notebooks, I prefer when they are more squared like 4″x6″.

  3. If you are a member of Target’s online coupon club you can get attractive deals on school supplies including their exclusive molie covers three or four times a year.

    During August’s school sales events, molies and Sharpie pens were going for 30% off and quickly sold out in all of Boise’s stores. I’d have bought some of each but I just don’t need any of them.

  4. Target does have the larger ones, and as others posted, in different designs. I bought a few in the summer, and now they seem to be hard to find.
    I found the quality in these to be a little more consistent, and in the back they even have a quality control sticker with unique numbering in case you have an issue with the product.
    The brightly colored end pages that these editions have are so much fun! In the ruled cover notebook they are yellow- definitely adds a splash of cheer to things!

  5. I saw these yesterday at the Target here (both in large and pocket sizes). I may just have to go back and buy a couple of them and sell them on eBay a while down the road… lol.

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