A Five-Year Old Notebook Fan!

This is one of my favorite reader-submitted photos ever– meet Tholakele, a 5-year old from South Africa.  On a trip to Paris, left the toy department at Le Bon Marché empty handed and instead picked out a notebook and pen and ink set for herself, which she tried out the minute she and her mother got to the café!


I love her look of concentration– and that’s a nice little Eiffel Tower she’s drawing in gorgeous purple ink!

The notebook is made by L´après-midi and is called Mini Note: Eiffel.
The children´s calligraphy pen is made by Marc Vidal, France.

Tholakele’s mom, Annicka, admits that a notebook obsession runs in the family– she writes and draws daily in notebooks herself.

A big thank you to Annicka for sharing the photos!

2 thoughts on “A Five-Year Old Notebook Fan!”

  1. Great, she reminds me of me 🙂 I was addicted to notebooks before I even was able to write. I am still a stationery-addict, so I hope Tholakele keeps her books because it is fun to look at it even 35 years later :))

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