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Notebook Addict of the Week: Ella

This week’s addict comes from a family who must have a house full of notebooks! Ella was previously featured along with her sister when she was only 5 years old. Her dad Shane has also been featured as an addict. Ella has not outgrown her love of notebooks. Here is her colorful collection so far:

ella notebooks - 1

“My name is Ella. I am 11 years old. I am in 6th grade right now. I like to write down important things or events in my journals. I get it from my dad. Also, I like to write down meaningful verses from the bible. I have been writing in journals for about 6-7 years. I have two favorite journals in this picture. My favorite one is the Wizard of Oz one, and the second favorite is the Wonder Woman journal. “

Ella, thank you so much for sharing your love of notebooks with us! I hope you continue to keep writing in your journals for many years to come!

Student Writers and their Notebooks

I always love seeing kids with notebooks:


“Standing in line to go back to class Thursday, Oct. 20, Ekole Azah jotted a few more lines of a ghostly encounter in her notebook. Her Halloween tale was one of many stories written by students at Bethany School as they joined in the National Day of Writing with a “flash mob” of writers on the school playground.

“I liked writing — it just felt so good,” Kayleigh Savage said after the project. “I told people I was a writer.”

Students in Devon Jurcso’s third-grade class have been honing their writing skills all year, penning short stories daily during class. Jurcso attended a four-week long Great Valley Writing Project course over the summer and took their ideas into her classroom, where she works to instill a passion for writing in her students.

The class gathers thoughts and ideas in small pocket notebooks, and at the end of each writing session, girls and boys take turns in an author’s chair to share their creations.”

Read more at Tracy Press – Students let the ink out.

Notebook Addict of the Week: A Four Year Old!

Jes from Australia writes to say that her 4 year old son is a budding notebook addict!

“About 18 months ago he asked for a notebook from my own (extensive collection, who said addiction doesn’t run in families? ). Since then he has filled a few. I love watching him create and record himself in his notebook’s.  He often says he is writing his diary. He now has the same number of journals as the number of years he has been alive.”




He’s off to a good start– let’s hope he keeps up his notebooking habit in the years to come!

Thanks for sharing this story, Jes!

A Kid’s Sketchbook

A nice little piece in the “T” New York Times Style magazine, about a photographer named Dean Kaufman, who has taken photos of his son sketching at various museums. What a great way to get a kid interested in art!




Lost Notebook Becomes a Book

This is a cute story:


Earlier this year, Lisa Rao, an editor at Simon & Schuster, saw a segment on Good Morning America moments before she walked into an editorial meeting.

“I had my iPad and pulled up the clip and told them, ‘You have to watch this,’ ” Rao recalled about a story that involved a Walmart employee in suburban Sacramento, Calif., who found a spiral-bound notebook that contained 157 rules handwritten in a childlike scrawl. The book had nothing in it to identify the owner; Raymond Flores, a Walmart associate charged with corralling shopping carts, had found it in the parking lot. But he flipped through it and decided it could not have been discarded intentionally after reading rule no. 154: “Protect this rule book.”

So Flores, 20, posted a photo of the book on his Facebook page, hoping to reunite book and author. No luck. Then he contacted the local Fox TV affiliate. That story got picked up nationally.

By the time Rao and the rest of the S&S editorial team watched the GMA report, one thing was abundantly clear. “Our publisher, Valerie [Garfield], said immediately: ‘We must find the owner!’ ” And when Rao did, she offered the – co-authors, it turns out – a contract. And this October Simon & Schuster will publish Isabelle and Isabella’s Book of Rules, a jacketed hardcover in a “gifty” trim size, written by Isabelle Busath, age 10, and Isabella Thordsen, age 8, with illustrations by Priscilla Burris.

Read more at Lost and Bound: A Misplaced Notebook Finds a Publisher.

Below is a sample spread from the book, which comes out in October 2013.


Lost and Bound: A Misplaced Notebook Finds a Publisher


Available for preorder on Amazon: Isabelle and Isabella’s Little Book of Rules

A Five-Year Old Notebook Fan!

This is one of my favorite reader-submitted photos ever– meet Tholakele, a 5-year old from South Africa.  On a trip to Paris, left the toy department at Le Bon Marché empty handed and instead picked out a notebook and pen and ink set for herself, which she tried out the minute she and her mother got to the café!


I love her look of concentration– and that’s a nice little Eiffel Tower she’s drawing in gorgeous purple ink!

The notebook is made by L´après-midi and is called Mini Note: Eiffel.
The children´s calligraphy pen is made by Marc Vidal, France.

Tholakele’s mom, Annicka, admits that a notebook obsession runs in the family– she writes and draws daily in notebooks herself.

A big thank you to Annicka for sharing the photos!

Spying Journal

I think I have turned my 8-year-old niece into a notebook fan! A couple of years ago, we started playing “spy” a lot when I’d visit. For me, of course, half the fun of playing spy has always been that it’s an excuse to carry a notebook and write things down! So that was always very much part of the game, and my niece continues to write spy notes in store-bought notebooks or even handmade ones like this:

She seems to quite like writing down her observations and experiences in general, not just when she’s spying. We’ll see how this habit develops and changes as she gets older!

Notebooks for Kids

I just had a visit from my young niece and nephew. We were celebrating birthdays, and one of the presents I gave my niece was a diary with a little padlock, which also came with an invisible ink pen, viewable only with its built-in special light. She loved it and I caught my nephew giving it some jealous looks.
At another point in their visit, I thought they might like to write down or draw some of the things they’d seen. I remembered how much I liked small notebooks at their age, so I thought I might give them a couple of the extras from my stash. Maybe they were just distracted by other things, but they had absolutely ZERO interest in being given a notebook. I also thought about giving them each one of my Uniball MF3 multi-pens but I decided not to. While a multi-pen has a bit more of a gee-whiz factor than a notebook, I still wasn’t sure they’d appreciate it.
This got me thinking about what kinds of things kids think are cool. Things that are made for kids, like that locking diary, are usually colorful and cartoony, and have extra features like noises or lights or magical changing colors to make them interesting. Sometimes, I guess this is exactly what kids want. But other kids want things that are REAL– you know how you can give babies a toy phone, but they’ll still prefer to play with your real cell phone? It can apply to older kids too– sometimes they don’t want the imitation kid version of a thing, they want the actual adult thing it’s based on. My niece and nephew are only 6 and 5 years old, so they might not appreciate that distinction yet. But I’ve given real adult notebooks to older kids in my family who seemed to like them, so maybe there’s still hope!
Are notebook lovers born or made? Did you like notebooks as a kid? Are there any fun notebook styles that kids particularly like? Let’s hear about them in the comments!

Notebooks for Indian Children

Here’s a big batch of notebooks, all donated for underprivileged kids attending government schools in India:

And here’s some of the kids who are using them now:

What a great idea…

Read more at Notebook Distribution Program @ HD Kote « i Thought, i Think i’d Blog – Sandeep.

The First Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper!

Some carnivals have roller coasters, fried dough, and oversized stuffed animals as prizes. This carnival offers just as much fun and variety, if you love handmade Japanese paper, fountain pens, Filofaxes, and 15-year old spiral notebooks. Every month, a different blog will host this traveling collection of the best posts about pens, pencils, notebooks, and other related topics. (More information here and here.)

I’m so excited to be launching the Carnival with such a great collection of posts. The submissions were everything I’d hoped for: a wide range of topics from a variety of blogs, some that I knew well and some new ones I’ve just discovered. It was hard to select a few favorites to highlight as Editor’s Picks, so I chose a few from the blogs that were new to me.

ferris wheel

Editor’s Picks:

archer notebooks

Clement Dionglay presents I Love Notebooks posted at Rants of the Archer.
Nifty says: If this hadn’t been in the carnival, I definitely would have made it an “Addict of the Week” post!


Kim presents Head to Head Highlighters posted at Prosaic Paradise.
Nifty says: you don’t see too many side-by-side highlighter comparisons–especially not ones that conclude that they’ve found the holy grail of highlighters!

blackwing pencil

Blackwing 602 pencil presented by pencil talk, who says, “a pencil review, in fact :-)”
Nifty says: wow, there is an incredible amount of detail and history in this review of a no-longer-made pencil with an unusual design. Great photos too.

dar minutes

Monda presents Reading the Minutes posted at Fresh Ribbon, saying, “Sometimes old notebooks have secrets…”
Nifty says: I love it when notebooks can capture bits of history like this.

Now on to the rest of our carnival, organized by topic.

cotton candy

New Product News

Tom Oddo presents Cross 2009 Fall Line Sneak Peek posted at Goldspot Pens, saying, “New Cross products due out Sept 1st.”

Alberto presents Pentel Slicci 0.8 mm metallic gel pens first impression posted at Lung Sketching Scrolls, saying, “Some sketches and initial review of the new Pentel Slicci 0.8 metallic gel pens”


Notebook Reviews

Sam presents Review: Asda Executive Notebook posted at Future; Nostalgic.”

Judy Hudgins presents School (supply) Time! posted at Knottyneedle, saying, “Just a general statement on the advent of school supply time and notebooks purchased recently”

Michael C presents The Quo Vadis Habana Notebook posted at Takenotesonthis’s Blog, saying, “Hopefully my wonderful experience will radiate through this review. I intended for this review to spark some great interest in not only Habana and Quo Vadis products, but also in all notebook and stationary products alike.”

Flea presents Ode To Shakespeare posted at Be A Survivor.

CynthiaNiklas presents Review: Pen and Paper Test in a Ciak Journal posted at Journaling Arts.

tilt a whirl

Pen Reviews

Nrepose presents Zebra Clip On Multi posted at Unposted.

Okami0731 presents Featured Pen – Retro 51 Cioppino posted at Whatever.

dowdyism presents Review: Zebra F-701 posted at The Pen Addict, saying, “The Zebra F-701 is a pen that has been around for a while, but it is new to me, and many other readers as well.”

Kew L. Ang presents Lamy Safari posted at My So Called Life, saying, “Lamy Safari is an entry level fountain pen and it is also the cheapest from this German Company. The pen has a black chromium plated steel tip and the body was made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. In the middle of the body, there is a little window displaying the ink level and the pen cover has a gigantic clip. At first glance, it is young, chic and colorful. The pen screams our practicality rather than something that look nice on your pocket. The pen comes in Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange and recently in bright Pink as a special edition.”

Margana presents Time for a Purple Fix posted at An Inkophile’s Blog, saying, “Inkophile is about fountain pens, ink, and the paper that suits them best.”

John Hartzog presents Tommy And The Platinum Pro-Use 03 MSD-1000A posted at Pens And Pencils, a drafting pencil review.


Sketchbook Art

Cheryl Lowry presents Ampad 8×5: Notebook of my youth posted at Strikethru.


From Our Own Collections

Nan Barber presents It’s That Time Of Year Again!! posted at Philofaxy.

James presents A Fountain Pen of Note posted at Everyday Correspondence, saying, “Not exactly from my collection, but from Thomas Jefferson’s. On a recent trip to Monticello I was able to photograph this pen from the 1820s. In my post about it, I also mention Jefferson’s ivory notebook and provide a link to the history of Jefferson’s involvement in the development of the modern fountain pen.”

Steve presents Filofax – My Own Story posted at Steve Morton.

Jackie Flaherty presents Pens & Notebooks posted at Letters & Journals, saying, “I am one of those people who collects notebooks and pens unabashedly. I don’t even need a reason to write…just a fine tip pen and smooth writing paper.”

Vintage Writing Keepsakes, because I’m Sick of Talking Politics is presented by No Telling, who says, “…because sometimes the perfect little notebook has a bit of history…”

Mom Birthday Cards Printable is presented by Home Life Weekly, who says, “I have put together my printable Mom Birthday cards to share with you. They are really easy to make all you need to do is download the Mom Birthday Cards print and fold”

Hilary presents Decorative Japanese Bindings posted at A Yen For Paper.

That concludes this edition, but don’t worry, another Carnival will be rolling into town soon! The next edition will be hosted by The Pen Addict on September 8th. Make sure you submit your post by5pm on September 6th using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. The carnival is organized by me, Nifty at Notebook Stories, so if you have any feedback or suggestions about the frequency or topics of the carnival, or if you’re interested in hosting, please contact me! Thanks for reading!