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Notebook Addict of the Week: Ambelies

This week’s addict posted a photo of her collection on Instagram:

I love seeing the themes that emerge in people’s collections. This one has lots of strong, bold solid colors, Field Notes, Moleskine, Rhodia, Miquelrius, and more! Great collection!




Notebook Addict of the Week (Again): Shane

This week we have another repeat addict. Shane’s collection has grown since he was an addict of the week in February 2011. Here’s an update on his collection:

Found these Peanuts journals over time online. They were originally put out in the late 90’s when I purchased the Charlie Brown edition. These are so hard to find and the next journal I start will be the Pigpen (my favorite out of all of them) and I will plow through all of them in a row, even Peppermint Patty since the seller accidentally sent me that one and I had no idea they even put one out for her.

photo 1

I love me a superhero journal with a retro theme. Constantly searching for them.

photo 3

A few more Super-journals.

photo 2

Some Disney themed journals/notebooks. The Disney Store does an excellent job of putting out several journals throughout the year and they quickly go on clearance making room for new batches, and then I make my move!
The Charlie Brown shirt design is a favorite, simple and to the point. I have yet to experience writing in a Moleskine, but my Star Wars themed notebook is waiting its turn, and I wanted a plain red journal and Picadilly provided one at a great price at Barnes and Noble.

photo 4

I love that he collects so many journals within particular themes– that takes true dedication! Thanks for sharing your addiction again, Shane!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This seemed like an appropriate notebook for today:

Actually, the contents of this notebook are anything but romantic. My mother gave it to me in 1981 and asked me to keep a diary while she was away for a couple of weeks, helping her sister with a newborn baby. I dutifully chronicled everything I did, from books I read to going to museums with my dad, to having fights with my little sister. Mostly the fights!