Notebook Addict of the Week: Allie (again)

This week’s addict is back for a second time in the spotlight. The last time I featured her collection, she was only 14 and might have had the highest notebook count to age ratio of anyone I’ve featured. I think this may still be true!


In her own words:

I’m Allie, now 15 years old, going on 16 this April. I just wanted to update you about my still growing collection. When I submitted the photo to you, it ranged only about 80+, and now I’m up to 130+. It’s great that I’ve managed to stop buying notebooks impulsively, but my collection is continuously growing due to my friends giving them to me as gifts and my parents bringing one or two home from their trips abroad.

These notebooks vary from really expensive to really cheap, and around 2/3 or half of my collection is still unused. My school notebooks are decorated by yours truly, but I’m not so sure if my teachers are exactly on board with that (even though the school year’s almost over).image_3

And my darling boyfriend doesn’t even reprimand me for having “too much notebooks” like everybody says. On the contrary, I think he actually encourages it. He got me these two handwoven ones last Christmas, plus a pretty big box of chocolates. I especially love the one with the birds. He knows (I think) how much I love birds.
And then lastly, my art journal. This is where I usually doodle when I’m bored. This is where I do my mixed media practice, calligraphy or even just handwriting practice, and sometimes I add in a few random facts about me. (written with my glorious manual typewriter my mom got me for Christmas.)





Wow. I love not just the collection, but all her creativity in filling and decorating these notebooks! (Beautiful handwriting too!) Thanks for sharing your ever-growing addiction, Allie!

3 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Allie (again)”

  1. These have remarkably colorful collages. I am curious to see how your notebook habits will progress as you grow older. Never stop writing.

  2. I saw the musical theatre page and nearly pee’d myself in awe. Such a beautiful page, and her handwriting in the other photos is absolutely beautiful!

    I have terrible handwriting I admit (not that I’m too fussed for a personal journal), but she makes me jealous.

  3. This is quite impressive. I started journaling when I was 15 or 16. And im now 23. And I dont have anywhere near this many. This is totally awesome.

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