Palimpsest’s Stationery Store Series

The blogger at Palimpsest does us all a great service with a fantastic series of posts about favorite stationery shops around the world, mostly in Europe. Each is well-documented with photos:

Evripidis in Athens, Greece:

Pen to Paper in Brighton, UK:

I love visiting stationery shops when I travel. Even though the major brands like Moleskine and Clairefontaine are globally ubiquitous, there are always some local gems that you won’t see just anywhere. I’d love to compile a list of the best places to buy notebooks in countries around the world– please share your favorites in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Palimpsest’s Stationery Store Series”

  1. Thank you for sharing these posts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an interactive map with stationery store reviews from around the world?

  2. I love this blog and have for a long time now. Unfortunately, the bookstores are disappearing where I live and one of my favourite places to buy notebooks now is online. It’s definitely nowhere near as thrilling as going into a shop and I don’t get to experience the notebook firsthand, but I have found some nice journals this way.

    Stationery stores in Singapore such as Popular and Wei Ting do sell some nice A’zone notebooks, if spiral bound is your thing 🙂

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