Giveaway Winners!

I am late in picking some giveaway winners!

The two commenters who won a Japanese stationery magazine each are Razzlebery and Grace Ji.

The two winners of the Paper-Oh giveaway are @mikes10663 on Twitter, and Shea Ryan on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!”

  1. Very happy, and so looking forward to adding those sweet Paper Oh notebooks to my stash! I was just going to take pics this weekend of my horde of notebooks and journals to share as a NOTEBOOK ADDICT, now I may wait until I can write and doodle and sketch on that Paper Oh! stock, add them to the stacks! 🙂
    Thanks for picking me as a winner! I had one of the worst days ever, and this news really helped turn my mood back around to RIGHT (write?)!

  2. Thanks so much. Feel really lucky to win something so nice looking and useful.
    Really enjoy your posts.

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