Notebook Addict of the Week: Didier

This week’s addict is a Frenchman who is crazy about notebooks! Il est fou de carnets, I guess you’d say! He also has a lot of fun documenting his notebook addiction in videos.

Didier says:

Take a look on some of my links on the Wiiiiild Wide Web:

Voila !

I have between 100 & 200 notebooks.., from 7cm until A4 size and more… ; ) from different brands, styles, material etc.

BUT… BUT, and this is… a bit.. « strange »… They are totally empty. Not used. Never used. All blank. White. Lol.

I love the « object » as it is, more than the tool to use…

Hoping to be in the Notebook Insane of the Week!

Merci á Didier for sharing his insane addiction!

2 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Didier”

  1. Wow…….Merci Beaucoup to let me be a part of the addicted gents of your magnifique website..!
    The most difficult for people like us, is to see ALL the content of your website and to DON’T rush on internet to buy all of them!
    Thanks again and keep up your excellent work!
    A bientôt !


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