The Composition Book Reimagined: “comp”

You may remember Michael Bierut’s stack of composition books that he’s used for many years– one of my favorite notebook stories ever.

Now, Aron Fay, a colleague of Bierut’s at Pentagram, has a Kickstarter project going for an upscale, redesigned version of the composition book, using higher end materials and construction. While part of me thinks the original composition book is a classic that shouldn’t be messed with, I have to say “comp” sounds really nice! Lined and unlined versions will be available, with 120 gsm paper.

Check out the Kickstarter page here. It’s worth it just for the gallery of composition books throughout history!


3 thoughts on “The Composition Book Reimagined: “comp””

  1. Too posh and too expensive. Composition books are supposed to be cheap and last forever.

  2. So pretentious. I wouldn’t be caught dead with such a luxury item. Strictly for sissies and fakes. Good old inexpensive composition books from the drugstore are the best tools for writers. They never make you feel self-conscious or fearful of spoiling expensive paper. Their simplicity and low cost mean you can write and be messy and not hold back.

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