Minh Uong’s Sketchbook

From the New York Times last week, some glimpses of the sketchbook of Minh Uong, a visual editor for the business section:

Minh Uong, a visual editor at The Times, uses both low- and high-tech tools to create editorial art, but tech does not necessarily make it easier to become a professional illustrator.

Can you explain your creative process for making and planning illustrations for The Times?

Being the visual editor for the business section, I’m responsible for providing artwork that illuminates stories that are hard to photograph. It’s a challenging task at times, since our section features articles with topics that are difficult to visualize. Try to think of images that relate to private equity, net neutrality or the trade deficit.

Recently, I had to art a story about fake Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg accounts on Facebook and Instagram that scam people out of their money.

I doodled my first thought in my sketchbook using a black Paper Mate pen showing people stealing and running away with images of Mark and Sheryl. Then I sketched a different concept showing a group of scammers hiding behind Mark and Sheryl masks.

Read more at: How Technology Is Changing Visual Art – The New York Times

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