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Here’s an appealing website featuring stationery from France and beyond: Skripta-Paris. The site is in English and offers approximate US dollar conversions for their prices. (What you’ll actually pay is based on Euro prices converted at the prevailing rate by your credit card company.)

I liked the look of a few products I saw, including these leatherette notebooks with elastic closure, the Flyer by Addex:

Then there’s the refillable modular leather notebook by X47, made in Germany:

Here’s the other brands they list on their “notebooks and albums” page:

THE legendary notebook that was used by the European artists and intellectuals of the XXth century: from Van Gogh to Matisse, from Ernest Hemingway to Bruce Chatwin…
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Tout Noté-Paris
Exclusive French notebooks with numerous variations of original materials in hype colors, with classic binded or spiral bindings, and an exclusive refillable system
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Jim Thompson
Refined and precious accessories made in pure Thai silk
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Lines of notebooks from Japan with pure designs: retro, ethnic, zen, natural or contemporary spirits, with an excellent smooth paper for everyday notes or sketches
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Beautiful leatherette notebooks with an elastic band
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Nava Design-Milan
Notebooks with a great Italian design from Milan
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L’Atelier des Tuileries-Paris
Beautiful stationery in lines that match your lifestyle
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SKRIPTA-Paris selection
Smart ideas to write, selected by SKRIPTA-Paris
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Beautiful notebooks with a smart and exclusive binding system that allows to customize your perfect notebook with the available refills
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Graf von Faber-Castell
Beautiful leathers for luxurious pocket notepads
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Leuchtturm1917 (notebooks in moleskine)
A great alternative choice to the famous Hemingway’s notebooks: comparable quality with super extra features!
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Mark’s Inc.
A full range of exclusive, handy and smart notebooks, with the fun spirit from Japan
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I wish I had known about this store when I visited Paris last fall!