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Nanami Paper’s Value Comparison

A commenter named Sara reminded me to check out what might be new at Nanami Paper. If you like the Tomoe River paper found in certain Japanese notebooks, such as those made by Design.Y, Nanami Paper offers its own brand of notebooks called Seven Seas, which feature this lovely paper in a softcover lay-flat binding. They have also expanded their offerings to other Japanese notebooks, as well as pens and accessories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.59.50 PM

The other nice thing about Nanami Paper’s website is the thorough information they provide. I loved this comparison chart analyzing the value of popular notebook brands by how many square inches of writing space you get per dollar. It’s quite illuminating!

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.58.06 PM

Notebook Addict of the Week: Tim

This week’s addict is another stationery blogger from Germany. Tim emailed me these photos and some thoughts about his notebook collection:




“Since I was a great fan of notebooks and the series “Notebook Addict of the Week” for a long time, I want to give you a glimpse of my notebook collection and show you how I use them. I prefer to write with all imaginable varieties of ultrafine fountain pens or very fine gelpens. Japanese notebooks are therefore the best for me. I like Apica, Midori, Leuchtturm or selfmade notebooks. My notes include everyday impressions, ideas, appointments, lists, collections and I often write concepts for work. I always have multiple notebooks with me wherever I go. Perhaps it sounds a little strange, but I rarely read old notes. My usage is more present and helps to sort my thoughts.

The journals on the pictures include the year 2015 – but not all of them are completed.

A few sentences about myself: I am 36 years old, living and working in Berlin (Germany). In my spare time I take care of two cats who live with me and write a blog about stationery and analog life: (German).”

Many thanks to Tim for sharing his addiction, and I hope to see more on his blog!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Lukas

This week’s addict hails from Malta, where he’s amassed quite a collection! Here’s his photos:

lukas2015-07-06 18.49.06lukas2015-07-28 17.50.54lukas2015-07-23 09.49.02

I love seeing them laid out so neatly in rows, and beyond the obvious Field Notes and Rhodia and a few other brands I recognize, I think there are some European brands here that are less common. I’d love to know more about them!

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Lukas!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Toby

This week’s addict tweeted a photo of his collection with the note

“so, this is what I had in arm’s reach today; decided to spread it out and see. 🙂 “

I love this collection! There’s a little of everything– Rhodia, Doane Paper, Whitelines, Federal Supply Service military notebooks, Furrow Books (a Kickstarter project), Piccadilly, Apica and probably quite a few more that I can’t quite identify.

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Toby!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Rene

This week’s addict calls himself a “hoarder!” Yet he also has a generous spirit in his addiction: “I typically give most of these away, especially the Moleskines, to students as they want to write in what I’m writing in. I do journaling with them also so we kinda compete.”

From top left:

A three pack of pocket notebooks from Target in box

1 Moleskine pocket notebook

1 Rhodia Notebook, staple bound

2 Clairfontaine 1951 notebooks, a black and blue

1 Fabriano sketch notebook

2 Large Rhodia notebooks, staple bound, black and yellow lined

1 Scout Notebook with “Squishy” from Monsters University on its cover

1 3-pack of Doane Utility notebooks-black

Moleskines (1 japanese album, small notebook unlined, cahier kraft, 2 packs of large notebooks, all lined, in black and blue, below that are Kraft unlined medium sized, 2 3-packs of Kraft an unlined and lined X-Large, which they don’t make anymore apparently. A Lego Moleskine with Jango Fett attached, 1 White lined notebook hardbound, one Black unlined hardbound).

3 Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks, hardboound

3 different sized Apica notebooks

3 unnamed notebooks given to me by my wife for christmas. Have to do some research into these.

2 Cottonwood sketch books (Top one has a Think Geek monkey sticker)

1 red Piccadilly soft cover journal

1 sketch book with robot sticker

1 Staples brand notebook (given to me as a gift)

1 package of blank books by Lakeshore, staple bound and 2 hardcovers ( I used these for gifts to my nieces and nephews).


See the original post at Rene’s blog. Thank you for sharing your addiction (and your notebooks) Rene!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Biffybeans

This is an oldie but a goodie, and when I came across it, I wondered how I’d never selected Biffybeans aka Stephanie as an addict of the week before. Many of you probably know her well, as the blogger at both Spiritual Evolution of the Bean and Rhodia Drive, as well as a talented artist. She’s a notebook and sketchbook addict for sure, as her blogging and this 2008 photo prove:

Stephanie says:

“Ok, I’ll own up to it. I have a “thing” about paper. Ever since I was a child and my Mom would take me into the local stationary store, I just loved the smell and feel of paper. And I’m not really sure which I like more – holding a brand new journal up to my nose or flipping through the pages of a recently completed one. Either way, there’s a certain Zen-like satisfaction involved.”

Make sure you check out her original post, which has lots more commentary and photos about various notebooks:
Spiritual Evolution of the Bean: Fine! I’ll admit it! I have a slight problem when it comes to paper…..

Notebook Addict of the Week: Dillon

Dillon sent me a whole bunch of photos of his collection… actually, half his collection, since the rest is being stored at home while he’s studying abroad for a year. I’m impressed that he brought so many with him!
In the first picture, the bottom row is empty notebooks, and the top are notebooks that I have filled or am in the progress of filling.
In the second and third picture, you have a notebook I made myself. Free advertising for Starbucks, I ‘spose, haha. Its the first Coptic stitch binding I’ve tried, so its a bit loose, unfortunately.
The fourth picture is one of two school notebooks for kids I got while I was in Bolivia in May. Each one has a description of a battle on the front and back covers.
I filled up a Moleskine pocket cahier with notes from a class I took on leadership from a retired Major General teaching at the University of Oklahoma. One of the best classes I’ve ever taken!
In picture 6 and 7, there’s the sketchbook I’m filling up with my favorite quotes. Its open to a page filled with quotes from a really good book I just finished called “The Voyage of the Elephant”.
Pictures 9-15 are from the Peanuts Moleskine I started around May 17th. I named it “Viajero” or Traveler for obvious reasons… I’ve had a busy summer! There are pages from Bolivia, from a weekend long cycling festival in Tulsa, and from 2 different cycling trips I took: one to Mount Scott, in Oklahoma, and 2 from a 500 mile, 6 day ride down the eastern coast of Florida that I just finished a couple weeks ago. The last page is from an Invisible Children conference called 4th Estate. Invisible Children is a non-profit dedicated to stopping a militia called the Lords Resistance Army in central Africa, whose modus operandi is abducting children as young as 5 or 6 in each village they attack and forcing them to fight as child soldiers. I bring that up because at the conference they gave us the notebooks in picture 16…
I geeked out tremendously when I saw that they gave us 4th Estate stamped notebooks. The cover is a really soft, almost suede-like material. Even cooler is whats inside the notebook- a few of the pages are already filled, for instance in the second to last picture the drawings are a sort of brainstorming of the 4th Estate logo, which is really cool because it shows the thought and detail that went into its design. As in the last picture, some of the pages have poems, quotes, and excerpts that were inspiring to the Invisible Children staff. We definitely needed notebooks, too- they had a ton of amazing speakers and sessions lined up during the conference. If you want to learn more about IC, there’s their site I’ve also set up a site that has some information and updates about the conflict and my fundraising efforts for Invisible Children,
It’s a great collection of notebooks, and Dillon is working on behalf of a great cause, so I’m happy to spread the word! Thanks Dillon!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Strikethru

This week’s notebook addict is Strikethru.

For reasons I don’t understand, some of my notebooks are at least half used, while others have only a sullied page or two, and still others are completely blank. When I look back over my skritchings, one thing is clear– since college, I have rarely used a notebook for anything other than cryptic notes, rambles and weird little margin drawings.

You can see some of those margin drawings in her post. But here’s her stash:

Not bad for someone whose first love is typewriters!


Here’s an appealing website featuring stationery from France and beyond: Skripta-Paris. The site is in English and offers approximate US dollar conversions for their prices. (What you’ll actually pay is based on Euro prices converted at the prevailing rate by your credit card company.)

I liked the look of a few products I saw, including these leatherette notebooks with elastic closure, the Flyer by Addex:

Then there’s the refillable modular leather notebook by X47, made in Germany:

Here’s the other brands they list on their “notebooks and albums” page:

THE legendary notebook that was used by the European artists and intellectuals of the XXth century: from Van Gogh to Matisse, from Ernest Hemingway to Bruce Chatwin…
View all products

Tout Noté-Paris
Exclusive French notebooks with numerous variations of original materials in hype colors, with classic binded or spiral bindings, and an exclusive refillable system
View all products

Jim Thompson
Refined and precious accessories made in pure Thai silk
View all products

Lines of notebooks from Japan with pure designs: retro, ethnic, zen, natural or contemporary spirits, with an excellent smooth paper for everyday notes or sketches
View all products

Beautiful leatherette notebooks with an elastic band
View all products

Nava Design-Milan
Notebooks with a great Italian design from Milan
View all products

L’Atelier des Tuileries-Paris
Beautiful stationery in lines that match your lifestyle
View all products

SKRIPTA-Paris selection
Smart ideas to write, selected by SKRIPTA-Paris
View all products

Beautiful notebooks with a smart and exclusive binding system that allows to customize your perfect notebook with the available refills
View all products

Graf von Faber-Castell
Beautiful leathers for luxurious pocket notepads
View all products

Leuchtturm1917 (notebooks in moleskine)
A great alternative choice to the famous Hemingway’s notebooks: comparable quality with super extra features!
View all products

Mark’s Inc.
A full range of exclusive, handy and smart notebooks, with the fun spirit from Japan
View all products

I wish I had known about this store when I visited Paris last fall!