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Notebook Addict of the Week: Thriftygal

This week’s addict sent me a link to the photo below. She can’t be all that thrifty if she buys all these notebooks, can she?! But I’m all for prioritizing one’s budgeting, and there’s always a line in mine for notebooks!

Great collection– I see a Penguin notebook, some Muji notebooks, Archie Grand, a Star Wars Moleskine, and lots of other intriguing items I can’t identify. Thanks for sharing!

Thrifygal’s photo on yfrog.

Archie Grand Notebooks

I’ve recently noticed a couple of mentions of this fun new line of notebooks from a Swedish company called Archie Grand.
archie grand notebooks
With titles like “Architects I Met and Liked” and “Lovers I Had and Liked” you’d think these might be address books, but they’re not– just plain unlined pages within. There seem to be 61 different options available, so chances are you could find one that’s a perfect gift for just about anyone!

You can buy them directly from Archie Grand, or at Rare Device (which only stocks a limited selection of the many titles)– at $12.50 (or 8.99 Euro), these seem well-priced for the specs: “They have a matte satin cardstock cover and inside are 160 blank pages of Lessebo LinnĂ© paper with sewn signatures.” Size is 4 1/2 x 6 1/2″.

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