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A Grandfather’s Notebooks

What an amazing story. Lauren Blank received a wonderful gift when she turned 16 recently:

Her grandfather decided the time was right to share a special gift with her: three notebooks filled with her grandfather’s writing, documenting all the time they spent together from the time Blank was 2 until she was 5.

He documented every encounter the two had together.

“(Each) notebook is just filled with daily things that we did,” Blank told Buzzfeed. “We went to the zoo a lot, and flew kites, and throughout the notebooks he gave me advice.”

I wish I had something like this from my own grandparents, though I do have a notebook with things my father jotted down about me. I’ve also written a lot of memories about my niece and nephew as they’ve grown up, and I sometimes think they might like to read them, but they’d have to wade through a lot of other crap in my notebooks!

Read more at: Man gives granddaughter notebooks filled with years of written memories | Boston 25 News

Moleskine Monday: Dreaming of a White Christmas

Here’s a lovely holiday-themed Moleskine:

It’s exclusive to Selfridges in London but can be ordered online here: Moleskine White Christmas Notebook

Moleskine Monday: Exciting Giveaway and Coupon Code from Jenni Bick!

Many readers will probably be familiar with Jenni Bick Bookbinding— they sell a nice variety of journals and albums that can be personalized. Now, they have a new venture called MoleskineAndMore.com, a site offering customized stamping of Moleskine notebooks! Moleskine does quite a few customized editions, but they’re usually with large companies or institutions like MoMA that have the budget to do a big print run. But at Jenni Bick, they now offer embossing options that are accessible to anyone, even if you only want one notebook!

At MoleskineAndMore.com, you can see examples of customized Moleskines. If you want a logo,there’s a one-time cost of $150 for a die, and then a $2.50 per book imprint charge, much of which can be offset by the 15% discount offered for purchases of 50 or more notebooks. This could be a great promotional item or a very special party favor. (Read their complete FAQ about Moleskine customization for more details.)



But if you want an even less expensive option to personalize a single notebook, they offer simple typeset embossing in the Goudy Old Style font. It’s only $15 per line. You could turn a Moleskine notebook into a personalized wedding album or guest book or the perfect gift. You could even put the name of your website on two notebooks and then give them away to some lucky readers! Check this out:



That’s me!!! I feel so special seeing my site embossed on an actual Moleskine! Jenni Bick has embossed one large ruled black notebook and one large ruled red notebook with the prestigious website of Notebook Stories, for giveaway to two lucky readers who enter as instructed below. And even if you don’t win, they’re also offering readers of this site a 15% discount on one order from JenniBick.com or MoleskineAndMore.com: just enter the coupon code of NOTEBOOK15 when you place your order.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

On Twitter, tweet something containing  “Jenni Bick Moleskine” and “@NotebookStories.

On Facebook, “like” the  Notebook Stories page and the Jenni Bick page, and post something containing the words “Jenni Bick Moleskine” on my wall.

On your blog, post something containing the words “Jenni Bick Moleskine” and “NotebookStories” and link back to this post.

The deadline for entry is Monday November 21 at 11:59PM, EST. Good luck everyone!

Oversized Matchbook Notepads

These are a bit different from the kinds of notebooks that usually interest me, but I thought they were pretty cool when I saw them recently in a store in Brooklyn called Nova Zembla. They’re about 5 x 7″, with a metal cover. You can also buy them online at this site: UncommonGoods.

Between Me And You Keepsake Journals

The maker of these journals contacted me, and I thought they looked like a nice gift idea: Between Me And You Keepsake Journals.
Picture 2
The journals are meant to be given to a loved one, and each contains blank space as well as a number of questions designed to prompt recollections about the relationship. The idea is that you give the blank book to someone and ask them to fill it out for you, but I think it would also be nice to buy the book, fill it out yourself and then give it to the other person.
Some people might like to create their own personalized version of a memory book without the structured questions, but however you do it, capturing these sorts of memories and feelings can be one of the best gifts you can give.

Archie Grand Notebooks

I’ve recently noticed a couple of mentions of this fun new line of notebooks from a Swedish company called Archie Grand.
archie grand notebooks
With titles like “Architects I Met and Liked” and “Lovers I Had and Liked” you’d think these might be address books, but they’re not– just plain unlined pages within. There seem to be 61 different options available, so chances are you could find one that’s a perfect gift for just about anyone!

You can buy them directly from Archie Grand, or at Rare Device (which only stocks a limited selection of the many titles)– at $12.50 (or 8.99 Euro), these seem well-priced for the specs: “They have a matte satin cardstock cover and inside are 160 blank pages of Lessebo Linné paper with sewn signatures.” Size is 4 1/2 x 6 1/2″.

See more commentary at designvagabond and Poppytalk.

Review and Contest: Old Style School Quaderno from Vickerey

I think I stumbled across Vickerey’s website while looking for retailers that stocked Cavallini journals– but all else was forgotten when I caught a glimpse of these:

quadnerni vickery

Here’s Vickerey’s description:

Old Style School Quaderno Notebooks (set of 3)
These old-school Italian journals are reminiscent of classic academic exercise notebooks (quaderno in Italian). Replete with European flair, they have sturdy, vintage-feeling paperboard covers and lined pages made from recycled paper – edged with red for extra style. Three sizes are included in the set – the handy blank labels on the front make it easy to customize, whether with the title of your latest work or the names of your various projects. Sleek and fun!

These are sold as a set of 3 notebooks tied with raffia, including: 1 pocket size (3.5 x 5), 1 medium size (4.75 x 6.5) and 1 large size (5.75 x 8).
• Sold as a set of 3 notebooks
• 3.5 x 5, 4.75 x 6.5, and 5.75 x 8
• Euro school-style notebooks
• Each books has 80 lined pages (40 sheets)
• Red edge
• Cream-colored, recycled paper

I was immediately smitten with the retro look– the labels, the texture, the red edges. I haven’t seen anything quite like these elsewhere. So of course I had to email them and beg for a sample to review, which their marketing department was kind enough to send!

The notebooks arrive attractively packaged in brown paper, with Vickery’s business cards. Inside, the set of 3 different sizes is held together with rough brown twine.

Someone really paid attention to detail when they designed these. The crocodile texture covers look great with the labels, and the red edges really make these feel special. The lines inside are nicely spaced and consistently straight.

The covers are a little lighter than I would prefer– they’re very flexible and I’m afraid they wouldn’t stand up to a lot of wear and tear. The pages are held together with staples.

The first page in the notebook is unlined, which is a nice touch.

The paper is a little rougher than a Moleskine– it still worked well with most of my rollerball pens, and show-through wasn’t too bad. (Those dots are the Super Sharpie.)

The small notebook is slightly shorter than a Moleskine Volant, but of similar thickness. Also below is a comparison shot with a Moleskine Volant and a Kikkerland Writersblok:

The large notebook is my favorite– I literally squealed when I opened it up to find these extra touches, to make you feel like a little Italian kid in grammar school!

At $24 for the set, these are a little pricey, but I think the quality and great design make up for it. This is something you could proudly give as a gift without the recipient thinking “ho hum, I could have bought that at Staples.”

I’ve never seen these in any other store, so if you want them, buy them online at Vickerey. Or you can throw your hat in the ring to win one! I’ll be picking random winners to receive samples of these notebooks, one winner each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week (July 14, 15, 16, 2009). Here’s how you enter:

  • Follow me on Twitter @notebookstories AND post this message as a Twitter update: Win a cool notebook this week @notebookstories https://www.notebookstories.com

I’ll pick a winner each day so Tweet each day to increase your chances. I’ll announce all the winners at the end of the week. Good luck! Or should I say buona fortuna?