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Grace Coddington’s Smythson Notebooks

Grace Coddington is well known in the fashion world as an editor, former model, and author. Now she’s also a spokesperson for Smythson. Most of the linked article is promoting their various leather bags and accessories, but I loved getting a glimpse of this well-worn address book!

I bought a Smythson address book a long time ago and no longer use it actively, but every time I come across it while rummaging through my collection, I appreciate how classic and iconic their notebooks are. They sure are expensive, though! I don’t remember how much I paid for mine, 20+ years ago, but I remember feeling like I couldn’t afford it at the time. They used to have a whole line of address books but nowadays, they don’t seem to sell them at all, except as refill inserts for other planners– a casualty of the smartphone and social media age, I guess. But they do still sell lots of notebooks and organizers. I kind of want one of these, except that they only seem to come with lined paper, and they’re $75:


Back to Grace Coddington, she also has a pretty fabulous set of colored pencils, which you can see  below:


I went looking to see if I could find it on Amazon– didn’t see one exactly like that, but these are close. I hope I win the lottery so I can buy one!!


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Smythson Notebooks by Vahram Muratyan

A new collection of colorful Smythson notebooks:

“When Smythson approached the graphic artist Vahram Muratyan to design a set of notebooks — carte blanche — Muratyan ran with that freedom. “It occurred to me that I could take those words — those French phrases that we use in English — and place them above the different glasses, or characters,” the graphic artist says. “Carte blanche” didn’t ultimately make the cut, but there’s “je ne sais quoi,” “crème de la crème” and “touché” (and three more) etched onto fuchsia, orange and yellow covers. “


Source: A Playful, French Take on a Classic Notebook – The New York Times

Chic Notebooks

From, a few of their top picks for “chic notebooks for style lovers”:

“Is there anything as satisfying than starting off a new journal and writing your name in using your favorite pen? I think not — Especially in chic notebooks that fit every type of fashion gal. “

Source: 8 Chic Notebooks For Style Lovers Who Want To Write, Doodle, & Brainstorm — PHOTOS | Bustle

Notebook Addict of the Week: Neysa

This week’s addict emailed me these photos of her collection:

image1 image2 image3 image4

Her favorite is the pink Moleskine. Next on her wishlist? A customized Smythson. I like how the pinkish color tone seems to recur throughout her collection despite the wide variety in colors and designs.

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Neysa!

Notebooks Spottings

Here’s a few notebooks spotted in assorted advertisements and articles:

From the New York Times obituary of theater critic Stanley Kauffman:



kauffman notebook1


From the Wall Street Journal magazine, designer Marc Newson’s sketchbooks, among other favorite things.

notebooks spotted4 notebooks spotted5notebooks spotted6


Also from the Wall Street Journal magazine, a Moleskine seems to be a favorite tool of Nike executive Mark Parker:notebooks spotted1notebooks spotted2

notebooks spotted3

From a New Yorker article by Ken Auletta, about the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger:notebooks spotted..1



From the “Work Diary” of retail consultant Stefani Greenfield, in Bazaar:

notebooks spotted.2

This one’s from the New York Times magazine, a notebook in a Tumi ad:notebooks spotted7

Notebooks in Magazines

A few notebook mentions and images culled from magazines recently:

First, from a New Yorker profile of playwright Annie Baker:

annie baker moleskine1


From a New Yorker article about Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Atoms for Peace:

thom yorke moleskine1


A Smythson diary makes a cameo appearance in a fashion spread:trenchcoat smythson1

This is truly spectacular: a collection of journal/scrapbook/sketchbooks by the photographer Peter Beard, as shown in New York Magazine:

A notebook in an ad… I forget what the ad was for:

notebook in an ad1

From a New York Magazine article about things people do in bars:

notebook artist in bar1

I just love spotting notebooks!

10 Notebooks at The Guardian

The Guardian is a consistent source of fun articles about stationery. The latest features 10 of their favorite notebooks. I like this one the best:

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The Expensive Smythson Notebook

Yet another attractive notebook posted at A Continuous Lean. This one caused quite a firestorm in the comments, when someone questioned the ethics of paying $109 for a notebook while children are starving in Burkina Faso. (My take on it: on some level, no, spending $109 on a notebook is not justifiable in our world, but neither is pretty much anything else done by those of us in developed countries. We all find our own ways of living with that.)

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Smythson Notebooks for British Cabinet Members

This is amusing: Which Smythson notebook would you give to which Cabinet minister?

Smythson are the makers of lovely little leather-covered notebooks with whimsical phrases embossed on the front. (Somewhere in my collection I have their “Blondes Brunettes Redheads” address book.)

The proud holder of two royal warrants, Smythson of Bond Street (established in 1887 and sold for £18 million last December to an Italian leather goods company) is well known for being terribly posh. Many of its offerings are beyond the reach of the ordinary shopper – £900 handbags and bespoke stationery printed on card that is thicker than most novels, for example.

But they also sell a deeply fashionable, leather-bound collection of notebooks whose titles, once limited to “SHOOTING NOTES” and “WINE NOTES”, now include the considerably hipper “WHATEVER” and “ME, ME, ME”. Starting at £40, these witty, gold-embossed notebooks have – like a Lib-Dem Conservative coalition – a broader, more populist appeal.

Indeed, there is just the notebook for our new Prime Minister and for most members of his cabal.


David Cameron, Prime Minister

He held his nerve, and he nailed his deal. How well it all goes remains to be seen. But beneath that steely mettle and the odd joke, he’s bound to indulge in occasional moments of hysteria.


Theresa May, Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities

Amid all the austerity, in-fighting and scurf-covered suits, we’ll leave it to this lady – in her natty kitten heels – to keep things light at Westminster.


Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister

It all began as a dream, a pipe-dream. Then came the television debates – which launched him like one of Simon Cowell’s pop stars – and, bang, he’s number two in the cabinet. Whatever will his ambitious subconscious come up with next?

Apparently David Cameron’s wife was the Creative Director at Smythson (where she made about £400,000!). So it’s a bit awkward that the Queen’s traditional gift to a parting Prime Minister is a Smythson photo frame. Maybe Gordon Brown will start using a red Moleskine now…