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Notebook Addict of the Week: Aimee

This week’s addict emailed me these wonderful photos and commentary about her notebooks. You can read more and see larger images on Flickr.

I’m an addict.  Although I have more than in my photos, I don’t really have
more than I will use (except let’s not count my addiction to Field
Notes, yeesh).  These photos show most of my journals from the last 20
years.  Not shown are the contents of a box I didn’t dig out of the
hall closet, full of spiral notebooks from my teen years and various
journals I kept in the early 90s, maybe a dozen different notebooks
covering about ten years.

Notebooks 1 is a photo of my composition books.  Most of them are
full, and most of them were used to write Morning Pages a la Julia
Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.”  I have a short stack of these that are
unused and will probably get used for Morning Pages in the future.  My
favorites are cheap ones I bought at Target during back-to-school (the
big stack), but I really love the ones by eeBoo.  They’re expensive,
but the hardback covers are sweet and the paper is thick and nice.

Notebooks 2
are leather or leather-ish journals, all but one of these
are full of journal writing from over the years.  My favorite is the
Exacompta, I had several of these that I carried with me constantly in
the early to mid 90s, they’re all full of the ephemera of my life back
then, movie stubs, receipts, notes from friends, photos, and many many
poems.  There are also a couple of Moleskines, which I liked a lot,
but have stopped using because they aren’t very fountain pen friendly.

Notebooks 3
are various hardback journals, and others.  The pink one
with flowers in the upper right is my current journal, mostly Morning
Pages, but some other stuff in there, too.  It’s also my current
favorite style, a Mead/Plan Ahead Jumbo Journal, the paper takes all
but the very wettest of my fountain pens (the plaid and the green one
with “Frida says” on the front are also Jumbo Journals).  The pages of
these are perforated and I have a couple that I use for letter
writing.  I should mention that Frida is the name of my journal (all
of them) and 90% of my entries, including my morning pages, are
written as letters to Frida (named after the artist Frida Kahlo).

And finally, Field Notes and Scout Books.  The ones on the top are full. I
carry one in my purse or pocket all the time, and use them for grocery
lists and jotting notes for this and that.  I use one about every
eight weeks or so.  The bottom row are unused, Field Notes, a
Moleskine, a couple of Black Apple scout books, and two tiny notebooks
at friend gave me recently.  I do have a bunch more blank Field Notes
because I have a hard time resisting the new colors.

Whew! Lots of notebooks!

Thanks for sharing this fabulous collection, Aimee!

Notebook Addict(s) of the Week: She Writes

She Writes” is an online community for women writers, with over 9,000 active members from all fifty states and more than thirty countries. As you can imagine, these ladies love their notebooks!

Deborah Siegel asked “What’s in Your Notebook” and got these amongst her responses:

by Tania Prputniewicz

Notebooks I Have Known
by Kelly Jo

My Journals and Notebooks
by Cheryl Wright

Deborah also mentions “a great little post last month on notebooks filled with book lists… What’s in Your Red (or Yellow) Spiral Notebook?.”
Read more at She Writes on Fridays: Notebook Mash – She Writes.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Missy

This week’s Addict emailed me this photo of her stash– I love the variety, from simple spiral notebooks and composition books to large journals and looseleaf binders. (It’s interesting how some notebook addicts have a lot of repetition of the same notebooks, and others use many different kinds…)

Here’s what Missy had to say:

I love reading your blog. Attached is my stash…..glad there are others out there obsessed like me….and even more so. I love the photos of other peoples notebook collections and also your product reviews with the photos and the tests you do….all of it!

Thanks Missy! I love all of it too!

Notebook Addict of the Week: The Archer

It’s long overdue that I call attention to this week’s addict, who blogs at Rants of the Archer. Here’s part of her notebook collection:

There are 57 notebooks in that photo. But wait, there’s more! Another 55 notebooks are shown below:

She mentions that some of the notebooks are being used, but I also spy quite a bit of undisturbed shrinkwrap and pristine-looking edges in those piles! But then, whoever said all the fun of notebooks was in using them!

You can read more at I Love Notebooks and I Love Notebooks, Part 2, where you’ll learn that The Archer also collects fountain pens, toys, shotglasses, elephant figurines, and tea bags. I hope she lives in a big house to store all those collections!

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