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Notebook Addict of the Week: Futurebird

This week’s addict got my attention through a post on the Notebook Stories Facebook page, where she linked to the first in a series of posts about her notebook collection:

The series continues in these other notebook posts: Notebook Collection Part Two, Notebook Collection Part Three, and  Phases in the Life of a Notebook. The “Phases” post is very insightful, and features this lovely image of some of the pages inside her notebooks:

There are lots more wonderful photos and commentary in her posts, including this amusing observation:

Ever since I started loving blank books and shopping for them I have starting HATING address books, planners and photo albums. Why? Often I’ll see a notebook on the shelf, the perfect size! The perfect color! I reach for it and…. it’s a PHOTO ALBUM! ugh. So annoying.

I feel your pain! And I love your notebook collection. Thanks for sharing!

Notebooks at Rare Device

Here’s a shop to add to your travel itinerary if you’re hitting the West coast: Rare Device, a funky shop in San Francisco (they used to have a location in Brooklyn too, but alas, it closed).

Here’s a couple of favorites spotted on their website:

A colorful notebook by O-Check:

And this is the birch tree notebook I recently saw at McNally Jackson, which turns out to be created by the owner of Rare Device:

Elle Magazine’s Favorite Notebooks

The Elle website features eleven favorite notebooks (with a wee mention of a review by yours truly), including Moleskine, Smythson, the Shopsin Diary, and the oh-so-high-school Trapper Keeper– who knew it’s been revived as a trendy accessory!