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Notebook Addict of the Week: Michael

Michael from Germany sends in these photos of the notebooks he’s using:

Collection 015

Trainingsnotizbuch 006

Here are two pictures of my notebooks.
In my collection you can see some FieldNotes. One of them, I use as the Archery Training Manual you see at the second picture. The rampage at the bottom comes from an arrow; wrong time, wrong place
The little black notebook on top is the one, I currently use. It’s a Brunnen Kompagnon in DIN A6, lined with a backpocket, and a pencilholder.
The one in the background with the Label “Storybook” on the front, is my Storybook (you won’t tell that by it’s name???). There, I wright down stories and fragments of stories, the world will never see. Some of them might bring me into jail…..

I’d have to say that is the first notebook I’ve ever seen that’s been pierced by an errant arrow! Thanks Michael, and please stay out of jail so you can keep collecting notebooks!