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Kim Jong Un Visits Dandelion Notebook Factory

Notebooks make everyone happy, even Kim Jong Un!

SEOUL, April 18 (UPI) — Kim Jong Un visited a North Korean stationery factory, his first field guidance visit to a civilian site in three weeks, according to state news agency KCNA. The plant was newly constructed and manufactures mostly notebooks for school use.

Read more at: Kim Jong Un visits Dandelion Notebook Factory – UPI.com

North Korean Notebooks!

Wow, if this isn’t a hot current events post, I don’t know what is!

Ok, there’s a lot more at stake in North Korea than what kind of notebooks Kim Jong-Il’s henchmen are using, but I’m fascinated nonetheless. If this is some home-grown North Korean brand, it could be the most challenging notebook ever to add to my collection… how can I get one without setting off another international crisis?!?

Big thanks to David Bogie for sharing this!